DRADIS Contact!

The captain entered the bridge, alarms blaring, red light bathing the control stations.

“Report!” he demanded.

The tac officer responded with her usual calm, “Incoming fleet, intercept vector, origin unknown, designs unknown.  All attempts at communication has failed.  Our fleet is on red alert.”

“At this distance from Space Central, we shouldn’t take any chances, captain,” added the first officer.

“Agreed.  Put the incoming ships onscreen,” replied the captain.

* * *

Ravenstar Studios is having a sale until the end of the month, so I decided to finally pick up a second ‘enemy’ fleet as an opponent for Task Force Guardian, the small fleet of ships that I picked up last year.

The fleet, from the Diesho Confederation, as described above:

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Hey, Sports Fans…

I was busy with other things (it happens) so I didn’t post about the 2016 NLDS, which the Giants lost.

It was inevitable.

As much as I wanted to believe that the 1st half Giants were back and would go all the way, I just knew that the bullpen and lack of a closer would eventually doom them, if not in the NLDS, then in the next round, the NLCS.

I felt (and still feel) okay with this, because the Giants have won the World Series THREE TIMES in 5 years.

That’s 3 more times than the previous 43 years of my life, most of that time as a Giants fan.

And I was totally cool with the series ending, until the guys on KNBR quoted Noah Syndergaard’s post-wildcard game tweet, a mere week before:

I teared up a little after hearing that.

Oh well.  Life goes on, as does the playoffs.  I’m good with 3 of the 4 teams making it to the Series, because I hate the Dodgers.

Go Broncos.  Go Sharks.  Go Warriors.

I patiently await Spring Training 2017.

Bi-coastal Baseball Fan


I couldn’t ask for a better ballgame, under the circumstances.

My two favorite teams.

My favorite pitcher on each team, facing off.

Win or go home.

A pitcher’s duel.

No offense until the 9th inning.

3-run homer to win it.

Complete game shutout for Madison Bumgarner.

I ALMOST started to cry when the last out was recorded, but then realized that Denard Span had caught it, and the San Francisco Giants are moving on to face the Chicago Cubs in the 2016 NLDS.

I feel bad for the New York Mets, especially Jeurys Familia, who returned to postseason form by giving up the go-ahead runs late in a game.

Even year.  Should have known.