Guess What Day It Is?

It’s April 23rd!

On this day in 1985, Coca-Cola announced that it was changing its formula and introduced New Coke.

I don’t think it was ever the same, even after they supposedly changed back to ‘Classic Coke’ later that year.

On this day in 1954, Hank Aaron hit the first of his 755 home runs.

Anyone remember his cameo appearance on ‘Happy Days’? “Hit a homer!” “Don’t I always?”

On this day in 1616,Playwright William Shakespeare died in Stratford-on-Avon, England.

… I got nuthin’.

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OOTP ’15 and other stuff

Today I received an email informing me that Out of the Park ’15 is now available for purchase.  I had bought OOTP ’14 last year, and while I enjoyed playing it, I don’t see myself playing it again, let alone purchasing it.

I does a lot to immerse you in the role of GM/Manager of a MLB franchise, but there’s just a little TOO much detail for my tastes, particularly having the minor leagues at your disposal.  I guess if I played career mode with a hot shot rookie I could get more out of it, but I’m simply not interested in that play mode.

I believe my experience with OOTP ’14 is directly responsible for my renewed interest in table top sports games.  The role you assume is the same, just without all the back office details.

* * *

Every table top baseball game begins and ends with dice.

Except for Status Pro Baseball, but I digress.

As a result of that fact, I went and built a baseball stadium with dice tower, as a play aid for Strat-o-Matic Baseball.

Since then I’ve switched to playing other baseball games, and while they have dice, my brother suggested that I try BallRoller, another play aid on the computer that pretty much eliminates the need for dice.

As a table top gamer, I like rolling dice.  I miss rolling dice.  I actually prefer dice to flipping cards from a Fast Action Card (FAC) deck.

So as much as I like the BallRoller app, I am going to try to use dice exclusively with Ball Park Baseball and Payoff Pitch Baseball, and occasionally with my other baseball games.

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Easter 2014

Easter celebration a day early!

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Slow day today. May need to do a Philz Coffee run.

* * *

I’m annoyed that for the third year in a row I’m not going to WonderCon.  Since it was moved to Anaheim in 2012, there hasn’t been a similar convention in the immediate area that I’ve wanted to attend.  Though I do regret not going to Wizard World Sacramento earlier this year.

I miss having a convention in my city.  I’m really not interested in Creation Con events, and I simply don’t want to have to drive to SoCal unless it’s for San Diego Comic-Con.

They really need to have some sort of similar convention back up here in San Francisco.


* * *

I think I’m all set with the 1967 sports season replays that I’ve been setting up with the various sports games.

  • MLB: Scoreboard Baseball
  • NFL/AFL: Second Season
  • NHL: Rinkside Hockey
  • NBA: Inside the Paint
  • ABA: Player of the Game

This is in addition to the fantasy sports leagues that I created:

  • Continental Baseball Association: History Maker Baseball
  • Football Clubs of America: Second Season
  • International Hockey League: Hockey Blast
  • Pan-Dimensional Gridball Coalition: Gridball
  • Starbucks Cup Racing Series: Red White & Blue Racing
  • Bay Area Wrestling League (B.A.W.L.): Face to the Mat
  • unnamed roller derby league: Roller Rumble
  • unnamed soccer league: Soccer Blast

Plus a few other sports games:

  • MISL 1981: Between the Boards
  • Curling (what?): Shot Rock Curling
  • Other baseball games: APBA, Strat-O-Matic, and Let’s Play Two
  • NHL 1967-68, 1993-94: In the Crease Hockey
  • APBA Soccer: some season of EPL that I don’t recall

That’s a lot of games.  That’s only my sports games. And I probably didn’t list a few others.

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1955 topps 50 - jackie robinsonThank you, Jackie.

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