Return of the King

There is one major reason I’ve always ranked John Elway as a greater QB than Joe Montana.

Montana left the 49ers and never returned.  Not even a one-day contract to ‘retire as a 49er’.

This partially explains why I’m actually happy about LeBron James’ return to Cleveland.

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Payoff Pitch Baseball (pdf) All-Star Sale

Posted this on my Sports Games Blog:

From a post on the Delphi Forums:

The PDF version of the game is now on sale through Tuesday, July 15th.

The PDF game parts include eight demo teams and instructions for both the Dice and FAC versions of the game and is only $4 during the sale.  If you purchase a PDF season set, either with the PDF game parts or separately, please enter coupon code allstar during checkout to receive 25% off the total price.  You can purchase the full PDF game and a season for less than $11 during the sale!

The PDF game and season sets can be found on my website,  Here is a direct link to the Payoff Pitch Baseball section of the web store.

Please note, the coupon code will not work on PT Games website (printed version of the game) and is only good for the PDF versions ordered through

The website has been running very slow this morning.  I am still having issues accessing the site as I post this, so it may be best to wait until later today to place any orders.  I apologize for this inconvenience and am working with my web host to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If you purchase the PDF game parts and/or season set and later decide to purchase the printed game or season from PT Games, simply add a note to your PT Games order and you will receive credit for the PDF purchase.

You can find more information about the game on the Sideline Strategy Games website and from After Further Review with Steve Tower’s video review of the game on YouTube.

I purchased the 1977 season because yet another long term project I’d like to do is play with the seasons in 10 year increments before and after my birth year (1967, so 1957, 1977, 1947, 1987, 1937, etc.).  This may come in the form of the post season of a given year, or a pitcher replay, or even just the Giants-Dodgers match ups for that year.

Stay tuned!

I highly recommend this game for veteran table top baseball gamers and for newbies that may have never tried this type of game before.

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65024_RIBERY.RE01Sadly no one televises Bundesliga games in the US (I think), but I usually see the final scores on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Return

After work yesterday I stopped by the FedEx office in Colma to pick up my new elliptical.


The box was a little over 60 pounds.  I had quite a workout just getting it up the stairs from my car to the living room.

I started assembling it a little before 8:00pm, while the Giants game was on and after my sister and niece were over to visit.

About 2 hours later, after another workout of sorts, I was finished.

elliptical02I pushed myself to wake up earlier than usual this morning, and did about 21 minutes on the new machine.

First time I’ve been able to do this since January, when my first elliptical broke.  And it felt good to be able to do it again.

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FIFA World Cup 2014 – The Video Game

Back in 2010, I bought the FIFA World Cup 2010 game, and the one thing that I was disappointed with it was the absence of the Philippine National Team.

Guess what was included in the 2014 version?

fifa_philippines01I created myself as a striker, and played a game against Sri Lanka.  At halftime:


I had called myself Pepsiman in the game:


The final score was 14-0, Pepsiman had 7 goals.  The other names listed above are actual members of the Azkals.

I may try to get the Philippine National Team into the 2014 World Cup, depending on how difficult that is to do in this game.  Maybe I’ll need to create a team of super players, just to dominate the qualifying rounds.

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