New Gadgets

I’d been waiting all month for the opportunity to upgrade my phone.  My lease was up at the end of the month, and I was waiting for them to tell me that I could upgrade without paying off the rest of the lease on the phone.

Which finally was today.

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What a day

Started with a leg cramp.

Continued with a ‘dead’ car battery.

Then got a charge on my credit card from Amazon for an item that I forgot was pre-ordered months ago, yet I still tried to dispute it.

At least a birthday lunch for a co-worker was good.

B-17 Games: QooS vs. FFL

Comparison of the base games:

The main difference is, while Queen of the Skies focuses on 1 bomber, Flying Fortress Leader focuses on 1 or more bomber groups/squadrons, so the game play is more abstract.

There are rules for single-bomber play in FFL, but I haven’t gotten to those rules yet.

Each has it’s own mechanic for encounters on the way to the target, and somewhat similar procedures for fighters and flak, and bombing the target.  Many of the game mechanics from the other DVG Leader-series games are present in FFL.

Each is fun, in it’s own way.  It depends on what one wants out of the game experience, overall command of the mission/campaign, or the results of your own bomber crew during those missions/campaigns.

I’ll probably play a couple more practice missions before embarking on a full campaign.

And I’ll probably try Target for Today before I get to that full campaign.

40K Books

I still have a stack of unread Imperial Guard books, mostly Gaunt’s Ghosts, in my “to read” pile.  I haven’t touched those books for years.

Yet here I am pre-ordering a book coming out next year:

For the Emperor.

B-17 FF Leader

My first run through was such a complete and utter failure that I decided to wipe the slate clean and try again.

I even opened that B-17 coin for luck!

And I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to try again, when I get the miniatures for the game.

New Figure

The GI Joe Collector’s Club incentive figure arrived, and his accessory set is on it’s way.

This is the Man of Mysteries, or the Arcane Adventurer.  He has a glow-in-the-dark katana, and the other gear and outfit pictured.

He came dressed like this:

This is the accessory set:

So, what’s a good name for an Arcane Adventurer, similar to Constantine or Kolchak or Mulder?

Baseball 2017

Giants suck.

So do the Mets, but not as bad as the Giants, which is why they swept this weekend.

So when do the Giants hit rock bottom?  All-Star break?

Xenos 2

At least they sent the correct book for these guys to me…

Index: Xenos 2, for my Orks, WAAAGH!!!

The online shop that I bought my 8th edition books from sent me the wrong Imperium book, Volume 1 instead of 2.

Haven’t heard from them yet, but hopefully they’re gonna send the correct one soon.