Look, up in the sky…

I loved it.

Sure, it wasn’t perfect.

It was entertaining. It was fun. It was a live action episode of Super Friends.

And that’s all that I wanted.

I really didn’t expect to see it on Thursday night, but after my cousin sent me a text asking if I had seen it yet, and after watching the final battle from Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice on cable TV, I said “screw it”, bought a ticket online, and dashed off to the movie theatre.

And I still plan to see it Friday morning.


Restrained giddiness is the best way to describe how I felt when he showed up at a key moment.


Amazingly, most of the audience stayed for BOTH credits scenes.

They were AWESOME.

The scenes, not the audience.

6 months later

List of games that have not been played, in no particular order:

  1. Hornet Leader
  2. Gato Leader
  3. Corsair Leader
  4. Philippines Ablaze
  5. Carrier Strike Force
  6. Bataan!
  7. Comancheria
  8. Field Commander: Alexander
  9. Tiger Leader
  10. Star Trek Attack Wing
  11. Batman Miniatures Game
  12. Star Wars: Rebellion
  13. Warhammer 40K 8th Edition/Kill Team/Shadow War Armageddon
  14. Massive Darkness
  15. 7TV
  16. Ghostbusters II

This list has been expanded to include non-solo games as well.

You;d think I would have played more of the solo wargames, but I haven’t.  I suppose it’s the “learning how to play” thing that’s stopping me.

Though in a few cases (#s 3-5) it’s because theyre print ‘n play games, and I have yet to cut out and assemble all the pieces for any of those games.

I hope to cut this list in half over the next 6 months.

Justice League

When I was 6 years old, Super Friends premiered on Saturday morning cartoons.

Ever since then I’ve been waiting for the movie that premieres on Friday.

Or Thursday, technically.

Anyways, I’m trying to stay away from reviews and such, even though I personally liked both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Games Night

Been a while since I pulled out the metal cars for this game (Formula D/DE).  My car won from third position on the starting grid.

This was followed by a pair of frustrating games of Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food and Movie Buff.

Like the original Oregon Trail card game, the goal was to keep everyone alive, but we couldn’t collect enough food to do so.

As for Movie Buff, while the concept/play is solid, the endgame was a bit unclear, so we played a but longer than we probably should have.

Fun times.

Midweek Mutterings

I feel… 80% better after this Election Day than I did a year ago.

Why are vanilla-flavored Tootsie Rolls a ‘limited edition’?

My dream Marvel film would be a team up with Korg, Groot, and Luis.

While I enjoy watching basketball now, I really wish my Broncos or the 49ers were doing better in football.

Or maybe baseball should just start already.

November 17th is gonna be a busy day.