Birthday Week Highlights

Saturday, February  18th: PARTY!

Sunday, February 19th: NBA All-Star Game (boring)

Monday, February 20th: Holiday, saw The LEGO Batman Movie, picked up Mansions of Madness

Tuesday, February 21st: breakfast with Dad at Gunther’s, dinner at Dave and Busters with Dad and Rob and Annie and Jen and Rubin (and families)

Wednesday, February 22nd: started to feel congested in the evening, played day two of the 1917 MLB season (6 games)

Thursday, February 23rd: BIRTHDAY! spent the morning and afternoon downing generic Mucinex, while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and Superman: The Movie, dinner with Nels and Glenn at Izzy’s (San Carlos)

Friday, February 24th: still a bit cough-y and congested. Ran errands. Played Mansions of Madness.

Also watched the usual TV shows over the week, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is still my favorite this year.

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