Boba Fett?!? Where?

Tonight I got to meet a couple of folks who wrote what’s considered the ‘bible’ of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The sign *did* say Ages 6+…

Boba Fett!
Members of the Golden Gate Chapter of the 501st were present.
Boba Fett, Shoretrooper, Hover Tank driver

Kemp Remillard did 5 cutaways for this book, and the two of them went into detail about each one.
SW-0608 a.k.a. Rogue One

Hover Tank driver got excited when they started talking about the next slide…
The Hover Tank!


Krennic’s shuttle

My book on the left. I got a chance to shake their hands, and thank them both for a great book. I also mentioned to Mr. Hidalgo that I still had all my Star Wars Adventure Journals from the old West End RPG, where he told me that’s where he got his start.

I was going to ask Mr. Remillard if he could draw a little ship, and he doodled the TIE fighter without me asking.
Me and Fett! *squeee*

It was a lot of fun, for an event aimed at kids.  A few questions were asked, the best one coming from a kid, who asked what a Deathtrooper was.  Pablo Hidalgo gave a great answer about how they were recruited from normal stormtroopers, but possibly ‘enhanced’.

A follow-up question by an older fan was why were they only with Krennic in the movie, and Pablo answered that Krennic was a ‘show boat’ guy, and had to show off to everyone, since he wasn’t in Tarkin or Vader’s league.

There was one last thing that Pablo said that made me tear up.

He said that it’s a story that they’ll tell someday, but he acknowledged that Luke named his squadron in Empire after learning about how the Alliance really acquired the plans to the Death Star.

Rogue Squadron. *tear*

And since Pablo Hidalgo is part of the Star Wars Story Group, I’m taking him at his word.

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