Out of My System

Okay, I think I’m done picking up everything that I was interested in for the Batman Miniature Game.

After the announcement of Joss Whedon directing the Batgirl film, I decided to finally pick a Batgirl figure for the game.

There are two of them.

The Animated Series version
Not the Animated Series version

Both have their strengths and weaknesses in game terms, the Animated version is a bit weaker in terms of skills.

I couldn’t decide, so I picked up both.  I have 3 Batmen, after all.

And then I picked up this one to create a Birds of Prey team, with Black Canary:

And then late last night I picked up the Watchmen figures on eBay.

Basically, I’ve spent that small fortune that I was hoping to avoid spending by not getting this game in the first place.  Good thing I already got my tax return…

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