Skirmish Game: 7TV

About a year ago I came across a company that was making 28mm Doctor Who miniatures, including the 12th Doctor, for some game that at the time I was not interested in.  I never did place an order for those figures.

About a week or so ago I found the company’s website again, but all the Doctor Who minis had been removed due to Warlord Games getting the official BBC licence to make a Doctor Who game and miniatures.

The more I looked into the original game and miniatures, the more I realized that this could be an interesting game to play.  So I ordered a basic set and 2 sets of starter miniature ‘casts’.

Behold, 7TV 2nd Edition!

From the website:

What is 7TV?
7TV is our tabletop miniatures game of high-octane spy-fi action set in the worlds of 1960s and 70s cult TV shows. Spies, minions, masterminds, ghosts, aliens, officialdom, hitmen, coppers and metal killers are all waiting for you. Relive some of 7TV Studio’s great lost shows or create your own and reach new audiences! 7TV is back in 2015 with an all new 2nd edition, so grab your shooting script and lets go!

The basic rules allow you to put together a cast of between 3 and 24 (or more!) models and fight other casts in abandoned warehouses, secret volcano lairs, forbidding jungles and underwater bases – in fact anywhere you like! Use your star qualities, special effects and gadgets to get your mission accomplished before the countdown ends and the episode is over. The core rules are generic, so if you’ve seen it on screen or had a dream about your perfect lineup, you can put your cast together quicker than ever before.

The game comes with cards and tokens, and something called a MacGuffin, which, as the name suggests, is an object that a whole scenario can revolve around.

The nice thing about this game is that it can probably accommodate a lot of generic miniatures that I’ve collected over the years.

The miniatures:

Security Guards (good guys)
Flamboyant Agent & Evil Mastermind
Crackpot Inventor (GREAT SCOTT!)
Action Hero, who kinda looks like Col. Steve Austin, but he never used a gun. I’m gonna name him Jake Banner.
Ninja Extras/Daughters of SHIVA
Scientist and Faithful Lackey
Minions and Minion Commander (far right)
Henchman. Looks like he could bite through cables…

I went ahead and ordered a few more miniatures, a team of ninjas (3) and an ‘Unearthly Traveller’ who looks like a certain Orkan who lived in Boulder, Colorado…

Full game play report will come later.

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