Down the rabbit hole I go…

So I caved and picked up a few more minis for the Batman Miniatures Game.

Princess Diana
The Dynamic Duo

I foolishly didn’t realize that there were no stat cards for Superman or Wonder Woman, just a card with a picture of the miniature in the package.

Superman came with a defective left arm, so I emailed the company to see if they’ll send a replacement for it.

I probably won’t assemble either of those two until later, when/if I pick up the DC Universe Miniatures Game.

As for Batman and Robin, the guy at the counter at Game Kastle did mention that it was a good pack to get, because of the synergy between the two characters.  I didn’t realize that he actually meant that in game terms, with each character receiving certain bonuses while in the game, and each receiving a negative stat modifier if the other is eliminated from the game.  Clever!

I also got another Batman because the Adam West figure isn’t as awesome in the game as other Batmen.

Each character has a ‘reputation’ rating, which is used to assemble your ‘crew’ or ‘team’ for a given game, and represents the effectiveness of the character in question.  Most crew have a 150 reputation rating, give or take a few of points.

Adam West has a reputation of 75.  Though he does have Shark Repellent Bat-Spray listed under his equipment.

Riddler alone has a rating of 80.  His crew, together, is 148.

In that Dynamic Duo pack, Batman (modern) is 100, Robin is 65.

Alfred Pennyworth is 30.

I found a couple of eBay sellers that carry marker tokens, templates and some terrain for the game, so those should arrive soon.

Now, to find a time and place to play this game!

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