Warfighter: Mission 1

Location: South American Jungle
Mission: Covert
Objective: Eliminate Drug Cartel Boss
Squad: Staff Sgt. Giacomelli, SPC Corona

Result: failure

Deployed via helicopter, the pair made their way to the Wetlands, where they were immediately set upon by an ambush.  Corona managed to eliminate the the trio of ambushers, but Giacomelli had trouble dispatching a drug runner.  Thugs, lookouts, and more drug runners kept springing up, making progress to the objective a crawl. By the time all of the hostiles were dealt with, Giacomelli made it to the high ground, but time had run out and their quarry had escaped.

I made a few mistakes during play, like forgetting to check of hostile reinforcements, but I think I got the gist of the game play down.

I’ll be attempting this mission again, with a larger force.  Perhaps I’ll send in the British SAS instead of US Special Forces.