This time for sure!

While I’m still waiting on the replacement arm for this guy:

A few more figures are coming in this week.

A hero must have it’s villain…
My name is Oliver Queen…
Also comes with helmeted head.

This is definitely it.  Until it’s not.  Arrrgh.

At 35mm scale, they’re a joy to paint.

Weekend Update

3-Day weekend review, by activities:

  • watched Power Rangers
  • played 2 baseball games
  • painted miniatures
  • watched NCAA Final Four games
  • 1st play of Warfighter
  • watching baseball on Opening Day

What to do now, as the Giants opener ends and the Warriors game is on in about an hour or so?

Coming Soon

I got an email from Legion Wargames today, about a game that I had reserved via preorder, and it’s now going to be released this June.  The email was asking for payment for my preorder.  Yay!

This is an updated/expanded reimaging of the old B-17 Queen of the Skies game, which I still play.  This has a variety of bombers and more targets across Germany.

It had been so long (2015?) since I placed my initial preorder that I had forgotten about it until I joined the Solitaire Wargames group on Facebook.   The folks there were talking about this upcoming solitaire B-17 game, so I went to the webpage to check it out, and found that not only did I already have an account there, I had already preordered this game.

Apparently I also had a couple other preorders:

And I added one more:

The damn trailers and commercials for the upcoming film got me interested in that last one.

Solitaire wargaming is fun!