Something Different

So here’s something that I picked up as a change of pace:

This is a solitaire game where you take the role of the Japanese carrier fleet during the Battle of Midway.

In all of my years playing wargames, I’ve never taken the Axis side.  It’s one of the reasons I’ve yet to pick up U-Boat Leader.

In two player games about WWII, I’ve played both sides solitaire, but always favored the Allied Forces over the Axis Powers.

But I realize that military forces are simply tools to forward a government’s agenda, the individual soldier/sailor/pilot may have a differing viewpoint than that of the regime.  By the same token, playing a table top wargame doesn’t mean you support that regime either, especially 75 years later.

If anything, this is seeing an historical event from a different point of view, simulating the tactics from the other side from where I’m used to playing.

I may end up ordering U-Boat Leader sooner than later.