So here I have a stack of blank character sheets for the D6 Star Wars Role-Playing Game (Revised, Expanded, UPdated edition), with no plans to run a campaign.


Maybe I’ll create a character, for old times’ sake.

24: Legacy

What started out as a mess, ended strong.

As with previous seasons of 24, there were simply too many story lines going on, that ultimately all tied together, albeit by simply ending halfway into this season.

The 12-episode format serves this show well now, with no room for filler episodes, like the first 8 seasons.

There were moments of sheer stupidity and disbelief, but somehow they pulled it all to a good ending.  The first few minutes of the finale were the best of the season.

Overall, I liked it.  I hope it does return for another (mid)season.  I only ask that we get some new bad guys from another region of the world.


Last night I was browsing VUDU’s library of animated stuff, and came across Green Lantern The Animated Series, which I really liked.

They’re charging $29.99 for SD and $49.99 for HD formats.  I put it on my wishlist for later.

This morning I saw that a friend in England just got the blu-ray of the same series, so I went to Amazon to see how much the blu-ray would be, though I prefer streaming nowadays, just to cut down on physical discs.

As I was looking, I saw that Amazon did have it available for streaming as well.

In HD.

For $22.99.