40K 8th

I think I’m going to ignore the hype and excitement this time around, and hold off on purchasing the latest (8th) edition of Warhammer 40K.

The last time Glenn and I actually played, it was with the 5th edition rules.

We picked up the 6th and 7th edition rules, but never played.  I think I bought them mostly for reference, to keep my army lists current with my existing models/miniatures.

A few folks in my latest gaming group picked up the Kill Team boxed set, and a couple of us have picked up Shadow War: Armageddon, with no solid plans of when to play either.

And then there’s all the other miniature/skirmish games that we’d like to play.

Full 40K is taking a back seat for now.  As it has in the past, but this time without picking up the new rules, yet.


More ships for Attack Wing came in.  Yay!

I still have a few more ships coming in.  Yikes.

Also, update!

IKS Gr’oth repaint, D7-class
IRW Algeron, D7-class (Romulan)

Sports gaming week overlapped into this week.  I knew a schedule wouldn’t work.

Star Trek Attack Wing has me watching the Star Trek films again.  Not that that’s a bad thing, of course.

Weird not having my usual shows on TV, until Fall.

Attack Wing Update

So I bit the bullet and grabbed one of these off eBay:

USS Enterprise, Sovereign-class

Thus completes the NCC-1701 collection.  Though I’m annoyed that they don’t seem to have plans to release an Enterprise-C.

Might get NX-01 later.

Attack Wing Ships: Other

In addition to the three major factions in Star Trek Attack Wing, I have this ship:

S’Gorn, Raider-class

This is the ship that attacked and destroyed the Cestus III outpost.

So I have a total of 16 ships in my collection.

The only other ships I’d like to get my hands on is the Enterprise-E, which exists but pricey, and the Enterprise-C, which does not exist, apparently.

Attack Wing Ships: Romulan

My collection of Romulan ships for Star Trek Attack Wing:

IRW Gal Gath’Thong, Bird of Prey Class
IRW Khazara x2
IRW Haakona
RIS Pi, Theta-class

As much as I love the Romulans, these are the only ships that I’m interested in collecting.  I really don’t like the ship designs from Star Trek Nemesis.

Attack Wing Ships: Klingon

My collection of Klingon ships for Star Trek Attack Wing:

IKS Gr’oth, D7-class
IKS Amar, K’t’inga-class
IKS Pagh, K’Vort-class
IKS Maht’H’A, Vor’cha-class

Not sure if I’m going to get any more Klingon ships.

Attack Wing Ships: Federation

My collection of Federation ships for Star Trek Attack Wing:

USS Enterprise NCC-1701, Constitution-class
ISS Enterprise, NCC-1701, Constitution class

I also have ship cards/tokens for the USS Constellation NCC-1017, which can be used with either of the above ship models.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701(-A), Constitution class, upgraded
USS Excelsior NCC-2000, Excelsior-class
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B, Excelsior-class
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Galaxy Class

I may get the Reliant later.

Friday Off

Took the day to catch up on some stuff.

Ran around doing errands, grocery shopping, found a solitaire wargame at 80% off retail, went to Star Wars Day/Night at AT&T Park.  We actually stayed for the fireworks show.

And now I’m tired and need to go to bed.