40K 8th

I think I’m going to ignore the hype and excitement this time around, and hold off on purchasing the latest (8th) edition of Warhammer 40K.

The last time Glenn and I actually played, it was with the 5th edition rules.

We picked up the 6th and 7th edition rules, but never played.  I think I bought them mostly for reference, to keep my army lists current with my existing models/miniatures.

A few folks in my latest gaming group picked up the Kill Team boxed set, and a couple of us have picked up Shadow War: Armageddon, with no solid plans of when to play either.

And then there’s all the other miniature/skirmish games that we’d like to play.

Full 40K is taking a back seat for now.  As it has in the past, but this time without picking up the new rules, yet.

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