Best Laid Plans…

I ran some errands today, and stopped by a couple of game stores.

They had the Warhammer 40K 8th edition stuff on display.

The 8th Edition boxed set

I looked through the box and determined that I don’t need more Space Marines (even the new ones) or Chaos Space Marines.

I then looked at the new rule book and the new indexes.

Big mistake.

I hadn’t planned on preordering anything from 8th Edition, to be honest.

Now on preorder:

8th Edition Rulebook
Index: Imperium 2, for my Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum
Index: Xenos 2, for my Orks

My focus will be on the two 40K armies that I’ve loved since Rogue Trader, the Imperial Army/Guard/Astra Militarum and the Space Orks.  If I decide to play Necrons and/or Space Marines, that’s when I’ll pick up the other indexes.



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