10 Years Ago

Barry Bonds hits career home run #756.

This is my photo that I took of the moment, sitting in the upper deck with Glenn.

As I said the night this happened, Glenn and I have been present for a lot of Barry’s milestones:

  • First grand slam as a Giant
  • Career HR #500
  • Season home runs #71 & #72, but we were not sitting together
  • Career HR #600
  • Career stolen base #500, even though we had left the park, we were across McCovey Cove
  • I *think* we were present for career home run #700…

Sure doesn’t feel like 10 years ago.

Voodoo Tech Support


Power on

Fan malfunction

F5 for diagnostics

On Fan diagnostics: error message, QR Code, which I scan, and it tells me to update the BIOS

Update BIOS

Power on

Fan malfunction

Power off

Remove battery

Remove bottom

Remove fan

Locate similar laptop, remove it’s fan

Place replacement fan in original laptop

Power on

No fan error

Close up original laptop

Place faulty fan in second laptop

Close up second laptop

Power on