Sketchy Redux

Tonight I picked up a cheap sketchbook from Michael’s.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this, I used to draw in my pre high school days, buy lost interest after taking art class in freshman year.

First doodle/sketch:

Should I be using something other than a mechanical pencil?

If anything I’ll be making my own coloring book!

I was never good at drawing humans.  Or animals.  Maybe I’ll work on that.

Critiques are welcome.

Be aware that I already know that I suck, so there’s that.


From most of the posts on regarding Federation and Empire, having a second copy of the game is a good source of ship counters, which you’ll need plenty of, apparently.

There’s also a module for Vassel, for online play, so that’s a play option, too.

It’s just too bad that the two empires/races (Gorn/Romulan) that I most want to play are on opposing sides.  Though that might make for a good starting point for learning the game.