Set phasers to stun…

Yesterday I decided to cancel my pre-order for Star Wars Battlefront II.

*pause for shock*

I simply cannot play many video games anymore, especially newer ones, due to RSI or just not enough free time to play.  I barely played the first Battlefront, and haven’t really touched Injustice 2 or Overwatch or Agents of Mayhem.

When I cancelled my order at Best Buy, I got back a $25 reward certificate.  I already had a couple of $5 ones, and a $10 gift card.  I browsed the site and found that they Wand Company’s Original Series Phaser remote was on sale, and along with my certificates and gift card, it was about 50% off.

What the heck, I thought.  I already had the bluetooth communicator, so why not complete the set?



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The Horse

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Long before everyone jumped on the Tim Lincecum and Madison Bumgarner bandwagons, there was Matt Cain.

He was the ace of the staff during some lean times, specifically those years near the end of Barry Bonds’ career.

It’s odd to think of him as the longest tenured Giant, but he’s the one player left from the pre-World Series Champions era.

His career 104-118 W-L record with an ERA of 3.69 is more telling of the years that the Giants couldn’t score runs than anything else.  He’ll be remembered as a quiet leader on the team.  And of course for his perfect game in June of 2012.

I’ve always been a fan of his, but never got a shirt of jersey with #18 on it, because of my supposed jersey curse.  Over the years it was disappointing to see him pitch well time and time again, with no run support.

I’ll get to see him pitch in person one last time as he takes his final start this Saturday, September 30th, against the Padres.  Star Wars Day.

May the Force of others be with you, Matt Cain.  And thank you.

Star Trek Discovery

It sucked.

15 years ago I stopped watching Star Trek Enterprise because it was bad TV, not just bad Star Trek.

Star Trek Discovery follows in those footsteps.

The first episode was BORING as hell, and the second episode was better, but not by much.  Lots of exposition in the first episode, and less of it in the second.

They simply spit on continuity and canon way too much in this series, so much so that I’ve already decided that this is another timeline, apart from both the Prime universe AND the Kelvin universe.

If you liked it and will continue to watch, more power too you.  Watch what you enjoy and fuck the haters.  Feel free to include me as one of them if you want.

I’m not going to continue watching.  It’s not interesting enough to me to finish it up.

Just like I never finished Enterprise.

Or Voyager.

Or DS9.

Or Warehouse 13.

Or The Walking Dead.

Or Hawaii 5-O.

Or Once Upon a Time.

Or Gotham.

Or Fringe.

Discovery Eve

I’m… understandably curious.  But not as enthusiastic about this premiere as I have been for TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT.

It’s been 12 years since the last time Star Trek has been on TV.  I should be excited about that.  It belongs on TV, as much as I like the movies.  It’s roots are in TV.  But not behind a pay wall/app.

So yeah, I’ll tune in for the premiere, and I’ll catch the other episodes whenever I can, I suppose.

Arr, matey.

End of Week

More than the usual exhaustion I feel on Friday, I am mentally tired as well.

Hello, weekend.

Looking forward to Sunday, and Games Day with the usual suspects.


A week ago I thought I was distracted because of my upcoming colonoscopy and deciding what to do about a job opening at work.

A week later those two items have past and been resolved.

So why am I still distracted?