San Francisco Comic Con 2017

Sunday admission ticket!

I picked up Joseph a little after 9:00am. We got to the convention around 9:30am.  A quick trip through will call for our wristbands, a ride up the escalators and we were ready to go.

At 10:00am the doors opened, and we were allowed to go downstairs.

The entrance!

First cosplayers we spotted!

We then dashed over to the photo op area to buy a ticket for the Peter Capaldi photo op, which the main reason we were attending this convention.

That’s the guy…

More cosplayers!

Bruce Timm

McCree from the Overwatch video game

This gal was adorable in that she was at first surprised when I asked if I could take her picture, then asked me if I knew who she was. “Black Canary,” I answered, and she smiled and walked off, happy.

Robin, Deathstroke, Catwoman




About this time I had checked my pics and had to make a manual adjustment on the camera…

Green Ranger

Cosplayer! Not sure who the character is…

Kaylee and Captain Reynolds

First time walking by the Tee turtle booth

The plushies looked pissed

Cosplayers!  Gaston and Belle, I think…

Free shrugs, demonstrated!

After I took this picture, Neal Adams asked if I liked the shit-eating grin, and then told me that they sell them at Walmart for $80.  “That’s a bargain!” I said, and then shook his hand and thanked him for his work.

Arcade area.  Some kid was playing Galaxian for a long time, so I didn’t get to play myself.

Costume of one of my earliest heroes…

Batman gear

More Batman gear

Lara Croft and Indiana Jones

Cyclops costume

Magneto helmet

Colonial Warrior costume

Captain America costume

Blade costume

Captain America costume

Xena costume

Punisher costume

Batman Gotham by Gaslight costume

Batsignal and armor from BvS

Thanagarian armor

Batgirl costume

Superman costume

Batman costume

Wonder Woman costume


Thanagarian wings

Spider-Gwen and a Jedi







The one long distance shot I was able to get of Peter Capaldi

Zoom in of the above shot.  He gave us that same smile at the photo op.

Death and Bombshell Wonder Woman

12th Doctor and River Song

Kaylee, Wash, Jayne, River, Simon

Katana and friends


Also Pikachu

Lady Sith

Lord Vader

Indy and the 10th Doctor



Clark Kent

Mandalorian “Warrior”!  Get it?

Team Rocket


Nostromo crew, Brett?

11th and 10th Doctors


Harley and Mistah J.



Also Slash!



Also Belle


Lightning, 49ers Mando, Warriors Mando, Lo Pan

Also Lightning, etc

Harley Quinn

Scarlet Spider

LAN Guy and Spider-Gwen Mandalorian

Captain America.  He turned and gave the same salute pose to 5 different photographers, I was 4th…

Princess Leia

Riddler!  I told him that Riddler was always my favorite Bat-villain, he said, “Cool, thanks!”

She-Ra. She asked if I wanted the dog in the picture or not.

Han Solo!


Moana cosplay!

I think we missed the show…

Boop the Kittencorn, from Tee Turtle

The main reason, as I mentioned was to get a photo op with Peter Capaldi.  Which we did.

He was very friendly, asking what our names were, greeting us with handshakes and calling us by our names, and then I handed him my sonic screwdriver for the photo.  He even activated it with the switch as the photo was taken.  As we finished up, I got to say to him, “Thank you, Doctor,” to which he smiled again as we shook hands.

I admit I teared up a little.

Joseph even said his legs were still shaking as we waited for our prints of the photo.  He also said that he was never going to wash his hand ever again.

Overall, this was a fun convention, and I’m happy that San Francisco has it’s own comic-con again.  I’ll be back again next year.

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