Star Trek Discovery

It sucked.

15 years ago I stopped watching Star Trek Enterprise because it was bad TV, not just bad Star Trek.

Star Trek Discovery follows in those footsteps.

The first episode was BORING as hell, and the second episode was better, but not by much.  Lots of exposition in the first episode, and less of it in the second.

They simply spit on continuity and canon way too much in this series, so much so that I’ve already decided that this is another timeline, apart from both the Prime universe AND the Kelvin universe.

If you liked it and will continue to watch, more power too you.  Watch what you enjoy and fuck the haters.  Feel free to include me as one of them if you want.

I’m not going to continue watching.  It’s not interesting enough to me to finish it up.

Just like I never finished Enterprise.

Or Voyager.

Or DS9.

Or Warehouse 13.

Or The Walking Dead.

Or Hawaii 5-O.

Or Once Upon a Time.

Or Gotham.

Or Fringe.

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