Not much of a goal, but I intend to continue to be the cool/weird/crazy uncle to my nieces and nephews.

That’s all.

Happy New Year, folks.

Imperial Assault

This is one of those games that I rarely played because it didn’t have a solo player option.  There have been homebrew instructions for it, but I never got around to trying them.

Recently Fantasy Flight Games released a mobile app for this game that allows for 1-4 players to run a campaign.  I downloaded it and finally got a chance to play with it.

I played the tutorial, and learned that I needed a refresher in the basic rules.

We’ll see how often I get around to this game.

Maybe they’ll add porgs.

The 50s

December 29th, 1967: premiere date of the Star Trek episode ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’.

Tribbles – purring, fluffy, and fertile creatures – disrupt the exploitation of a disputed planet between the Klingons and Federation.

Definitely one of my favorite episodes.  I have a weakness to small furry animals.

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The Greatest Showman

I’m not a huge fan of musicals.   I don’t hate them, they’re just lower on my scale of things I wanna watch.

Might explain why I don’t go as bonkers for stuff like Hamilton.

I can’t remember the last live-action musical movie I’d seen before The Greatest Showman.  Which I liked.

The trailer intrigued me since the first time I saw it.  While I had rarely gone to the circus in my youth, I do remember attending one at the Cow Palace.

The movie was fun, more fast paced that I expected, with some good songs.  I’m still debating whether or not to get the soundtrack from iTunes.

Anyways, I recommend it if you’re looking for a change of pace from the super hero or sci-fi film.