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  • Wednesday (12/6): The Phantom Menace
  • Thursday (12/7): Attack of the Clones
  • Friday (12/8): Revenge of the Sith
  • Saturday (12/9): Rogue One
  • Sunday (12/10): A New Hope
  • Monday (12/11): The Empire Strikes Back
  • Tuesday (12/12): Return of the Jedi
  • Wednesday (12/13): The Force Awakens
  • Thursday (12/14) The Last Jedi


While chatting with co-workers this morning, I heard the distinctive sound of a small furry animal making scratching noises within my cubicle.

My co-worker helped me move a bunch of boxes from under the work surface where we both heard the sound.

We both opened large boxes that we thought the critter was hiding in, but found nothing.

I then moved the clutter of boxes to the freight elevator area for disposal.

I came back from lunch to hear than another co-worker had seen the little visitor running between cubicles, down the hall from my area.

I guess we disturbed and eliminated it’s home.