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“People need to bring anger into their lives.”

I said this to a co-worker yesterday as we were discussing The Last Jedi, and the people who not only dislike the new movies, but outright hate them AND must let you know this as much as possible.

It’s like they thrive on being angry with something, anything, that brings joy to others.

I’m guilty of this to some degree (Star Trek Discovery).  But at the very least, I gave it a chance, watching a few episodes before deciding that it wasn’t for me.

The hate mongers out there decide to hate something before it comes out (The Last Jedi) yet they’ll go see it anyway, just to complain about it later.

“That’s hate watching,” as I explained to my co-worker.

And this morning the news of the Disney-FOX deal has brought out the same hate over something that they have no control over.  Or do they?

Mostly I’ve seen people claiming that they hate that Disney is buying up studios and properties and ‘ruining’ franchises.  They call the new Star Wars films ‘unwatchable’.

You could just choose to not watch.

I’m not an anime fan.  So I don’t watch any of it.  And I never mention it.

Why is this so hard to do for some people?

“People need to bring anger into their lives.”

And the truth is, that’s kinda sad.

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