Third: Time for Criticism

My first thought after watching the The Last Jedi on Thursday night was “what a mess”.


But I didn’t dwell on that.

My second thought was that it’s the 21st century, I’m 50 years old, and Star Wars films are still a thing.  This cornerstone from my childhood is still here.

The film is a mess, but I can’t explain why without spoilers.  The most I can say, after seeing it for a third time, is that certain story elements… failed.

There were a few visual continuity problems (mostly body positioning).  There were questionable casting/character decisions.

And then there’s the whole subplot that some say should not be dismissed, but I felt it could have been.

It’s not a better film than Episode V, but for some reason I like it more than Empire, warts and all.

It’s an enjoyable mess, and very emotional to me.

I should take the lead of others and simply say that I like the Original Trilogy, the Disney movies, and some of Revenge of the Sith.  With no ranking of the films themselves.

Though the original Star Wars is still my all-time favorite.

Rogue One is a VERY close second.

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