Most Exciting Thing of 2018 (so far)

I was going to Lucky’s Supermarket for some lint traps, and as I pulled into parking lot, I spotted one of my dream cars.

I actually said “OH MY GOD” a few times as I parked my car.

I excitedly got out of the car, forgetting to grab a reusable grocery bag, and even forgetting to lock my car, as I walked, transfixed as the Wienermobile was within walking distance to me.

I kept my geeky enthusiasm in check as I walked up to the little table next to the car, with a family talking to the lady who was at the table, handing out stickers and Wienermobile whistles.

She asked if I had ever seen the Wienermobile before, I told her “never this close,” and she went on to give me the rundown on this particular model, the 2016 version, which has already traveled over 300K miles up and down the West coast and as far as Idaho and down to Texas.

As I tried to take a selfie with it, the lady offered to take a picture for me, since it’s such a big car.

She then gave me a sticker and a whistle, and I went on my way to get lint traps.

Best day of 2018, so far.

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