The 50s

January 5, 1968: premiere date of Star Trek episode ‘The Gamesters of Triskelion’.

Captain Kirk, Chekov and Uhura are kidnapped by powerful disembodied aliens and forced to fight in gladiatorial contests for the aliens’ gambling entertainment.

Not a big fan of this episode, truth be told.

“300 quatloos on the newcomer!”

’nuff said.

This Time…

Unlike last year, if I miss a day (or two or a week) of posting here, I won’t back date any posts.

I just hope I have something to say every now and then.

I’m surprised that I didn’t put up a review of Jumanji (which I enjoyed a lot).

I’m still hoping that they release a Ruby Roundhouse POP! figure.

Corsair Leader

Last year I bought the print-and-play version of this game.  I printed it, but never got around to actually cutting out the parts to play it.

Next week, Dan Verssen Games is starting a new Kickstarter for a printed version of the game, updated and improved from the print-and-play version.

This may be one of the few Kickstarters that I do this year, since I’ve cut back considerably on my KS pledging.


I tracked both my weight and food on for the first time in months.

I gotta ween myself off snacks like the candy that’s around the office.


I think I’ve caught up with all the network shows that I watch, just in time for a new episode of The Gifted.

Although right now I’m watching a double feature of Star Trek films (TMP and TWoK) on Starz.