STD: Despite Yourself

After missing the previous 6 episodes of Star Trek Discovery, I decided to take a peek at the second half premiere to see if I’d like it any better.

I didn’t.

The characters and story are still meh, and I’m simply tired of them dancing around the idea that this show is NOT set in the Prime universe.

They’re currently in *a* mirror universe.  They started in another mirror universe.  Tonight they made reference to the Enterprise episode “In a Mirror, Darkly” by mentioning the USS Defiant, but that schematic in the screenshot is not of the Defiant that appeared in that episode.

The nacelle struts are wrong.

The primary hull has notches.

Yet the producers/showrunners still want us to believe that this is the Prime universe.

Sorry, no.

I guess I’ll sit out the rest of the season.

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