I went to go see Black Panther for the second time.

It’s definitely in my top 5 Marvel films, and top 10 superhero films, of all time.

As with second viewings, I managed to hear dialogue I missed the first time around.

My favorite character in the movie is M’Baku.

I said elsewhere that I want to put him in my Marvel buddy film, staring Luis, Korg, Groot, and Ned.  And maybe Darcy.

So begins my birthday week staycation.


After last year’s 50th birthday shindig, I’m not really feeling like doing anything for my 51st, to be honest.

Though if anyone wants to feed me pizza this Friday, I’m all for it.

I tried the Hostess SnoBall ice cream bar today.  Tasted like plastic.  I think that was the vanilla part, which I thought was marshmallow.

Dad didn’t seem impressed with it either.

Holiday, continued

Cookies: made
Cookies: broken up over vanilla bean ice cream
Cookies: eaten with ice cream

Pizza: made
Pizza: eaten

As the day goes on…


Haircut: done
Breakfast: done
Errands: done

And it’s not even noon yet.  So what to do now?

A week?

I must have been busy.  Or lazy.  Both?

I spent part of my weekend cleaning stuff around the house, like the upstairs bathroom, among other locations.

I’ve been hitting my elliptical for about 10-20 minutes for the past week.  I hope to make it back up to 30+ minutes, if not more.

I caught up with my TV watching, the CW DC shows are surprisingly keeping me interested.  Black Lightning is good, so far.

I used my instant pot TWICE in one weekend, making some chicken in salsa thing, and pork ribs.  Both turned out pretty good.

More games that I’ll (maybe) eventually play came in.

More porgs were acquired.  And dice.

And it’s almost February.  Yikes.


I bought a microwave popcorn popper bowl.

It works fairly well.

You fill a small amount of popping corn in the bottom of the bowl, up to one of the lines (oil optional), put it into the microwave, and then either pop for 2-4 minutes, depending on the wattage, or press the ‘popcorn’ setting on your microwave.

The first time I did it for 2 minutes 15 seconds, and there was a lot of unpopped kernels in the bowl, so I put those back in and hit the ‘popcorn’ setting, and they all popped, but I should have turned it off manually because it then burned some of the popped kernels.

Available here.


Today a bunch of us trekked up Larkin Street and had lunch at Little Henry’s.

The last time I ate at a Little Henry’s was probably 30-odd years ago, at the one on Balboa St.  This one near work looked more or less the same as the one I’d been to many years ago.

The menu looked about the same, and this time I decided to have breakfast instead of lunch or dinner.

Steak and Eggs.  Medium and over hard.

It was about as tasty as any other time that I’ve had that meal, though the portion (i.e. the steak) seemed a bit small.

Others had onion soup, a pasta dish, a meatball sandwich, and a Joe’s Special.

All-in-all, it was satisfying and a bit nostalgic.

Midweek Mutterings

I feel… 80% better after this Election Day than I did a year ago.

Why are vanilla-flavored Tootsie Rolls a ‘limited edition’?

My dream Marvel film would be a team up with Korg, Groot, and Luis.

While I enjoy watching basketball now, I really wish my Broncos or the 49ers were doing better in football.

Or maybe baseball should just start already.

November 17th is gonna be a busy day.