I spent a ridiculous amount of time today going though some stacks of old CDs that I had not transferred to my iPod/iPad.

I came across a lot of 90s music that I haven’t listened to since, well, the 90s, of bands that I have no interest in listening to now, nor can I recall any of their songs, like Everclear, Frente, Belly, Big Audio Dynamite, and others.

All this started because I discovered that I did not have the D2: The Mighty Ducks soundtrack in my library.

I ended up adding like 30+ CDs to the library, including some Disney CDs, some MTV Unplugged stuff, all three Austin Powers movies music, and some other movie stuff.

Also, John Williams Olympic music, and the national anthems of 16 countries.

I bought a lot of odd CDs over the years.

A while ago I added the sound effects from Star Trek The Original series.

And how did I also not have Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” in my library?

I must have started doing this at about 10 this morning, and 6 hours later I realized that I was hungry.

I ended up driving out to Five Guys for a burger and fries.

Currently I’m finishing up the day with the Warriors game, and learning how to play Dinosaur Island.


I bought a microwave popcorn popper bowl.

It works fairly well.

You fill a small amount of popping corn in the bottom of the bowl, up to one of the lines (oil optional), put it into the microwave, and then either pop for 2-4 minutes, depending on the wattage, or press the ‘popcorn’ setting on your microwave.

The first time I did it for 2 minutes 15 seconds, and there was a lot of unpopped kernels in the bowl, so I put those back in and hit the ‘popcorn’ setting, and they all popped, but I should have turned it off manually because it then burned some of the popped kernels.

Available here.

Online Shopping

December 11th:  ordered an item from Amazon, with 2-day shipping (Prime membership).

December 20th: not only had the item still not arrived, it hadn’t been shipped.  E-mailed customer support.  Informed that the item is actually back ordered, with no date of when it’ll be back in stock.  $10 credit applied account for inconvenience.  Check online elsewhere, find in stock at B&  Place order, apply discount coupon, item is now cheaper that it was at Amazon.  Item cancelled at Amazon.

Doctor Who Christmas Specials blu-rays (up to Last Christmas) with TARDIS bluetooth speaker.  Should arrive next Thursday.

Black Friday

My only purchase from Black Friday was something that I didn’t think I would pick up.

I didn’t get BB-8 a couple of years back, and I didn’t get any of the new droids on Force Friday.

But for Black Friday, Best Buy dropped the price by $50(!) AND threw in a free Force Band.

I played with both, and found them both amusing, and I’ll probably play with them more over time.  The Force Band takes some practice to drive the droid.  But the Holocron mode is kinda cool, finding holocrons and unlocking things within the app, like weapons and characters and ships and planets.  The weapons allow you to pretend to armed with those weapons (so far a blaster and a bowcaster) and make gestures to make pew-pew sounds.

The app is much more fun to play with, because you can make R2 ’emote’ and make sounds.  I have yet to try watching one of the films with R2, who is supposed to respond to scenes throughout the movies.

Overall, I’m happy with this little guy, as I’ve wanted a full-sized R2 unit since I was 10.


Things from Star Wars that I specifically collect:

Millennium Falcon
Han Solo
ESB Bounty Hunters (primarily Boba Fett)
Captain Rex
Jyn Erso

Added to the  list:


Set phasers to stun…

Yesterday I decided to cancel my pre-order for Star Wars Battlefront II.

*pause for shock*

I simply cannot play many video games anymore, especially newer ones, due to RSI or just not enough free time to play.  I barely played the first Battlefront, and haven’t really touched Injustice 2 or Overwatch or Agents of Mayhem.

When I cancelled my order at Best Buy, I got back a $25 reward certificate.  I already had a couple of $5 ones, and a $10 gift card.  I browsed the site and found that they Wand Company’s Original Series Phaser remote was on sale, and along with my certificates and gift card, it was about 50% off.

What the heck, I thought.  I already had the bluetooth communicator, so why not complete the set?



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Someone hacked into my Hulu account, somehow changed my password, added a couple of profiles, and a bunch of devices to it.

It’s all been corrected/secured.

I hope.