Dinosaur Island

In my continuing quest to play all the games I picked up from Kickstarter, I attempted a solo game of Dinosaur Island.

I got through 3 turns before I decided to abandon the game.

It plays pretty well, I just kept making mistakes and missing steps.

And yes, it does feel like Jurassic Park meets worker placement.

And while solo play is okay, I’d rather try this with a group.


At the last moment I changed my mind again and decided to pledge for my name on an aircraft card in Corsair Leader.

I posted a question to Facebook, asking what would be a good callsign for a World War II F4F Wildcat pilot.

There were a few good suggestions, but I wanted to have some connection to my own Filipino heritage, so when someone suggested ‘Bailout’, I came up with… ‘Balut’.

Chris ‘Balut’ Saguisag, F4F Wildcat pilot, reporting for duty!


So happy that this game got funded, and that the backers were able to knock down some great, nay, awesome stretch goals at the end, including this one:

I was one of a bunch of folks who requested this particular stretch goal.

The last stretch goal (for $105K) gave us P-40 Warhawks to use in the game.  Which of course remind me of John Belushi in the movie 1941.

Looking forward to receiving this game in July.

“Sayonara, sucker!”

A week?

I must have been busy.  Or lazy.  Both?

I spent part of my weekend cleaning stuff around the house, like the upstairs bathroom, among other locations.

I’ve been hitting my elliptical for about 10-20 minutes for the past week.  I hope to make it back up to 30+ minutes, if not more.

I caught up with my TV watching, the CW DC shows are surprisingly keeping me interested.  Black Lightning is good, so far.

I used my instant pot TWICE in one weekend, making some chicken in salsa thing, and pork ribs.  Both turned out pretty good.

More games that I’ll (maybe) eventually play came in.

More porgs were acquired.  And dice.

And it’s almost February.  Yikes.

Tiger Leader

I played the first week of my first game of Tiger Leader.

I think I’ve got most of the game mechanics down.

It’s the 1939 Poland campaign, and my forces annihilated a Polish battalion.

Which is all fine and dandy, but now I have 2 more weeks to defeat way more battalions in order to finish with an acceptable victory point total.  A minimum of 13 VPs gets me a ‘good’ result.

I currently have 2 VPs.  Because I sent all my forces against one stinking battalion in the first week of this 3-week campaign.

I’ll be spreading my forces thin during the last two weeks of this campaign.

I also forgot to add 5 to the move rolls for the Polish.

We learn by doing.

Gloomhaven: A Review

Fun.  But hard.

Three of us attempted the first scenario, twice, getting a bit farther the second time.

Both times the party was eliminated.

I’m going to try it again, solo, with the characters that we did not play.

Par for the Course

Corsair Leader got funded in less than 4 hours.  Woohoo!

And then I ended up backing a game that was supposed to have been on Kickstarter last November.  It got funded yesterday as well.

I’d read about this game for years, and it’s finally being reprinted, decades after it was last published.

I’ve always loved space combat games, and this appears to be the grandaddy of them all.  it was first published in 1973 by Marc Miller, creator of Traveller.

Two very different wargames, both should be fun to play.

On second thought…

The ‘Named Pilot’ thing for Corsair Leader is a limited backer thing, meaning only a certain number of backers can claim that add-on/reward.

It’s a ‘nice to have’ thing for me, but if it’s limited, I wouldn’t want to prevent someone who really wants it to have it.

So yeah, I’ll just get the game.  And the neoprene mat for Hornet Leader.


The Kickstarter for Corsair Leader launches tomorrow afternoon.  I’ve already decided to back it.

One of the more pricier add-ons is naming a pilot in the game.  You pick the type of plane, and the name you choose will be the pilot for that plane, in all copies of the game.

As I pondered whether or not to use my own name, I did a quick Google search for Filipino World War Two pilots, and came up with a couple:

Jesús Antonio Villamor

César Fernando Basa

So there’s precedence for a Filipino WWII pilot.  Those these two flew P26 Peashooters for the Philippine Air Force’s 6th Pursuit Squadron.

And I’m gonna have him fly one of the first WWII models that I ever built, a $2 kit from Woolworth’s, circa late 1970’s.

Not the model I built…

F4F Wildcat