The 50s

January 19, 1968: premiere date of Star Trek episode ‘The Immunity Syndrome’.

The crew of the Enterprise encounters an energy-draining space creature.

The space amoeba!

In which we also learn that there was a starship manned solely by Vulcans.


Spock has a bad reaction to the death of over 400 Vulcans.

Eventually, a Shuttlecraft is sent in (with Spock aboard) to gather information about this organism, and the Enterprise crew end up destroying it with a probe armed with an anti-matter warhead.

This episode is not to be confused with the Space: 1999 episode of the same name:

While on a survey of a planet to replenish food and water on Moonbase Alpha, an alien form attacks a crewman who seemingly goes mad; after a brief struggle with the crewman, Tony Verdeschi is attacked by the alien as well. Koenig and the survey party must find Tony and help him regain his senses before the madness kills him and solve the mystery of the alien life form. All their technology breaks down, preventing them from leaving or receiving aid; all food – native and their own supply – become toxic.

LEGO Responds

I picked up this LEGO set over the weekend, mainly because of this little guy:

A LEGO Porg.

I then emailed LEGO to ask if it was possible to order more porgs, and they sent me this response:

I’m sorry, but we aren’t able to help you get the LEGO® parts you requested. The pieces you need are based on a story and characters we didn’t create ourselves. Our licensing agreements with their original creators specify we can only sell these “licensed” pieces as part of a set.

Bummer.  But I understand.  No way I’m buying that $800 Millennium Falcon, though, just for two more porgs.

Prepare for Ground Assault

Solitaire wargames update!

I picked up Tiger Leader a while back, in a ding-and-dent sale at Game Kastle.  I never got around to playing it due to other games that occupied my time.

After playing a couple more of DVG’s ‘Leader’ games, I decided to pick up Sherman Leader, and this one came with an upgrade kit for Tiger Leader.

And after punching the counters and sorting the cards, both are ready to go.

I don’t know which one to try first.

Do I invade Poland or defend the Philippines, both of which are campaigns in their respective games.

Or recreate the North Africa campaign?


Though I did pick this up last year (and haven’t played) as well:

Decisions, decisions…

STD: Despite Yourself

After missing the previous 6 episodes of Star Trek Discovery, I decided to take a peek at the second half premiere to see if I’d like it any better.

I didn’t.

The characters and story are still meh, and I’m simply tired of them dancing around the idea that this show is NOT set in the Prime universe.

They’re currently in *a* mirror universe.  They started in another mirror universe.  Tonight they made reference to the Enterprise episode “In a Mirror, Darkly” by mentioning the USS Defiant, but that schematic in the screenshot is not of the Defiant that appeared in that episode.

The nacelle struts are wrong.

The primary hull has notches.

Yet the producers/showrunners still want us to believe that this is the Prime universe.

Sorry, no.

I guess I’ll sit out the rest of the season.

Most Exciting Thing of 2018 (so far)

I was going to Lucky’s Supermarket for some lint traps, and as I pulled into parking lot, I spotted one of my dream cars.

I actually said “OH MY GOD” a few times as I parked my car.

I excitedly got out of the car, forgetting to grab a reusable grocery bag, and even forgetting to lock my car, as I walked, transfixed as the Wienermobile was within walking distance to me.

I kept my geeky enthusiasm in check as I walked up to the little table next to the car, with a family talking to the lady who was at the table, handing out stickers and Wienermobile whistles.

She asked if I had ever seen the Wienermobile before, I told her “never this close,” and she went on to give me the rundown on this particular model, the 2016 version, which has already traveled over 300K miles up and down the West coast and as far as Idaho and down to Texas.

As I tried to take a selfie with it, the lady offered to take a picture for me, since it’s such a big car.

She then gave me a sticker and a whistle, and I went on my way to get lint traps.

Best day of 2018, so far.

The 50s

January 5, 1968: premiere date of Star Trek episode ‘The Gamesters of Triskelion’.

Captain Kirk, Chekov and Uhura are kidnapped by powerful disembodied aliens and forced to fight in gladiatorial contests for the aliens’ gambling entertainment.

Not a big fan of this episode, truth be told.

“300 quatloos on the newcomer!”

’nuff said.

This Time…

Unlike last year, if I miss a day (or two or a week) of posting here, I won’t back date any posts.

I just hope I have something to say every now and then.

I’m surprised that I didn’t put up a review of Jumanji (which I enjoyed a lot).

I’m still hoping that they release a Ruby Roundhouse POP! figure.


I think I’ve caught up with all the network shows that I watch, just in time for a new episode of The Gifted.

Although right now I’m watching a double feature of Star Trek films (TMP and TWoK) on Starz.

The 50s

December 29th, 1967: premiere date of the Star Trek episode ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’.

Tribbles – purring, fluffy, and fertile creatures – disrupt the exploitation of a disputed planet between the Klingons and Federation.

Definitely one of my favorite episodes.  I have a weakness to small furry animals.

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