A week?

I must have been busy.  Or lazy.  Both?

I spent part of my weekend cleaning stuff around the house, like the upstairs bathroom, among other locations.

I’ve been hitting my elliptical for about 10-20 minutes for the past week.  I hope to make it back up to 30+ minutes, if not more.

I caught up with my TV watching, the CW DC shows are surprisingly keeping me interested.  Black Lightning is good, so far.

I used my instant pot TWICE in one weekend, making some chicken in salsa thing, and pork ribs.  Both turned out pretty good.

More games that I’ll (maybe) eventually play came in.

More porgs were acquired.  And dice.

And it’s almost February.  Yikes.

LEGO Responds

I picked up this LEGO set over the weekend, mainly because of this little guy:

A LEGO Porg.

I then emailed LEGO to ask if it was possible to order more porgs, and they sent me this response:

I’m sorry, but we aren’t able to help you get the LEGO® parts you requested. The pieces you need are based on a story and characters we didn’t create ourselves. Our licensing agreements with their original creators specify we can only sell these “licensed” pieces as part of a set.

Bummer.  But I understand.  No way I’m buying that $800 Millennium Falcon, though, just for two more porgs.


The Kickstarter for Corsair Leader launches tomorrow afternoon.  I’ve already decided to back it.

One of the more pricier add-ons is naming a pilot in the game.  You pick the type of plane, and the name you choose will be the pilot for that plane, in all copies of the game.

As I pondered whether or not to use my own name, I did a quick Google search for Filipino World War Two pilots, and came up with a couple:

Jesús Antonio Villamor

César Fernando Basa

So there’s precedence for a Filipino WWII pilot.  Those these two flew P26 Peashooters for the Philippine Air Force’s 6th Pursuit Squadron.

And I’m gonna have him fly one of the first WWII models that I ever built, a $2 kit from Woolworth’s, circa late 1970’s.

Not the model I built…

F4F Wildcat

Black Friday

My only purchase from Black Friday was something that I didn’t think I would pick up.

I didn’t get BB-8 a couple of years back, and I didn’t get any of the new droids on Force Friday.

But for Black Friday, Best Buy dropped the price by $50(!) AND threw in a free Force Band.

I played with both, and found them both amusing, and I’ll probably play with them more over time.  The Force Band takes some practice to drive the droid.  But the Holocron mode is kinda cool, finding holocrons and unlocking things within the app, like weapons and characters and ships and planets.  The weapons allow you to pretend to armed with those weapons (so far a blaster and a bowcaster) and make gestures to make pew-pew sounds.

The app is much more fun to play with, because you can make R2 ’emote’ and make sounds.  I have yet to try watching one of the films with R2, who is supposed to respond to scenes throughout the movies.

Overall, I’m happy with this little guy, as I’ve wanted a full-sized R2 unit since I was 10.


Things from Star Wars that I specifically collect:

Millennium Falcon
Han Solo
ESB Bounty Hunters (primarily Boba Fett)
Captain Rex
Jyn Erso

Added to the  list: