Wellness Report

I feel better than I did yesterday at this time, though during the day I had to pop a generic Sudafed every few hours as my head started to feel like it was filling with cotton.

Hopefully I should be clear of the congestion this weekend.


Went home from work congested, started taking generic Sudafed.

I feel better, but who knows how I’ll feel when I wake up.


Justice League Dark

Another great job by the DC Animated Universe group.

It was especially cool to hear Matt Ryan as John Constantine, prior to the upcoming CW Seed animated series.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


1997: I became a NASCAR fan, all because it was a quiet Sunday in February, with no football or baseball or hockey.  I wasn’t a basketball or soccer fan at that time.

I came across the Daytona 500 on CBS, and figured that this was as good a time as any to watch a race.  I never had in the past, I had only followed Indy Car racing on and off since I was a kid.

I picked the first and maybe only driver who had a web address on the back of his firesuit: www.jeffgordon.com

He went on to win the race, and NASCAR and Jeff Gordon gained a new fan.

2017: the new format for races are, in my opinion, a joke. 3 stages per race, each with a ‘winner’ and points assigned, with bonus points for playoff purposes for the winners.

NASCAR has changed their format more times than I can remember, since the creation of the Chase for the Cup.  I don’t recall IndyCar or F1 changing as frequently or drastically, if at all.

Jeff Gordon retired 2 years ago, at the end of the 2015 season.  I watched very few races in the past few seasons, and with both Gordon and Tony Stewart (retired last season) out of racing, along with the revamped points system I think I’m done with NASCAR.

The Last Jedi

Oh, right, my reaction to this.



That is all.


I feel like I’m running out of it.

The enthusiasm that I had at the start of the year appears to be fading, much like how the annual crowd at the gym after New Year’s will dissipate after a couple of weeks.

Or maybe I’m just catching a cold or something.

I hope this is temporary.


So much for posting everyday this year.  Though I could back date a post.  But I wont.



This is a backdated post (from 1/24/2017) because I hate seeing that one day on the calendar without an underline.

I’ll remove this if I miss another day of blogging.

Or not.