One of the projects I backed on Kickstarter was for a role-playing system called Hyperlanes.

It’s described as cinematic sci-fi for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

I just downloaded the PDF for it, and so far I like what I see.

Aside from everything else in here, I’ve already seen quotes from Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Clone Wars.

I can’t wait to sit down and read this thing.  The first thing I’m gonna do is create a race of tech-savvy koalas.

And then I’ll create a character or two.


I never thought of making a super hero out of any of the 12″ GI Joes that I collect.  Mike Power and Bulletman were the closest that they made in the actual GI Joe Adventure team line.

So of course I decide to do it with an Action Man figure instead.

50th Anniversary Action Man – Action Soldier

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I while ago I picked up a GI Joe figure from Cotswold Collectibles with the Asian headsculpt, but as an Adventure Team Fuzzhead.  I called him Karateman, and had him in a black/yellow bodysuit, the reverse of Bruce Lee, but I later learned is the same design as the old 8″ Super Joe Commander outfit.

The one thing I was not satisfied with were the cavalry boots that I got for the figure; they seemed too high.  So I went and bought a pair of jack boots for him.

Time to make the switch!


A little wiggling got the left boot off the foot


I think he looks better in the shorter boots

But wait!  What’s this?  Whose outfit is this?

We’ll find out later today!

Randomness 5.16.2017

Thoughts after last night’s Supergirl episode:


Watched 10 minutes of Logan Noir, it looks great.

Mind control?  Disguised Daxamite? #supergirlthoughts

Is the current popularity of Star Wars sapping away my interest in Star Trek?  Or is it the debacle that is Star Trek Discovery?

How do you like your eggs?

Prepare for Battle

Okay, so, the counters have been punched and cards sorted for both B-17 and Alexander games.

Awaiting the large box for Warfighter WWII, should arrive this week.

Re-reading the rules for X-Wing Miniatures for Games night this Saturday.

Reading the rules for Bataan!, Shadow War: Armageddon and a couple of other games.

Deciding to play the next series of games in either the 1917 or 1967 baseball replays.

Picking up Injustice 2 after work today.

Games overload in full effect!


Current list of games yet to play, in no particular order:

  1. Hornet Leader
  2. Gato Leader
  3. Corsair Leader
  4. Philippines Ablaze
  5. Carrier Strike Force
  6. Kido Butai
  7. Bataan!
  8. Comancheria
  9. B-17 Flying Fortress Leader
  10. Field Commander: Alexander

I’m actually leaning toward Bataan! or Kido Butai before the rest of these games.  We’ll see.

Also, Target for Today ships on May 29th.


My wireless mouse appears to be crapping out on me, even after swapping out the batteries.

Currently have a wired mouse connected to the main PC.

It’s working fine, and to be honest I don’t think I’ll need to get a replacement, until this mouse craps out.

Sunday Recap

Washed car.

Visited Mom at cemetery.

Breakfast at McDonalds.

Target run.

Made Hawaiian BBQ pineapple chicken in instant pot.

Watched Giants and Warriors games.

Assembled first Shadow War Armaggedon kill team.

Currently reading digital comics.