Home Run Derby

I actually watched a bit of it tonight.

This Aaron Judge guy is unreal.

The expression on the umpire’s face…

The guy is from NorCal, he grew up a Giants/Buster Posey fan, and a 49ers fan.

He’s got me as a fan now, I hope this kid goes far.



This is a quick rundown of our first session with this new system.

There are 5 of us plus a GM.  We all created characters, and not one of us created a human/humanoid player character.

  • GM: Nels
  • Bruce: droid
  • Dave: droid
  • Ray: lizard
  • Glenn: turtle
  • Me: koala

We got through a ‘training’ session with our characters’ new employer, who hired us to do a thing.

We got a ship, which was a piece of crap, so we flew to where Bruce’s character’s ship was located, and that’s about where we stopped.  I think.

We may have ended on the planet where we have to do the thing.

So far, it’s much more straight forward than our experience with Mutants and Masterminds, which makes sense since Hyperlanes in basically Space D&D 5E.

Oh, and Grok (my koala character) is armed with a pistol and an axe.  The choppy kind, not a guitar.

Star Trek Adventures

I went through the character creation section of the latest Star Trek RPG system (PDF), and the result was my obligatory Vulcan science officer.

The system seems solid, I just don’t know if my group will ever get around to this game.

We all like Star Trek, but we all like super heroes, too, and couldn’t get our heads around Mutants and Masterminds.

Also, we’re starting up Hyperlanes, which is a cinematic space opera RPG using the D&D 5th Edition rules.

So, for the time being, Lt. Commander Seevok, science officer of the starship [to be determined], will sit in another file folder until needed.

Homecoming Review

My favorite Spider-Man movie.

Your mileage may vary.

Within the first few minutes, my jaw dropped.  I almost screamed.

No, I can’t say why.  Once you see the movie, you’ll understand, if you know me.

The little things, like Mets stuff in Peter’s room, the music, the nods to the rest of the MCU, made this movie so personal to me.

My spirit animal in this movie is Ned.  I’d be him in this story, but much skinnier, like I was in high school.

And it really did feel like an ’80s high school film, John Hughes-style.

Go see it!  Eight thumbs up!