Took a long drive around the Bay Area today, running errands from Gator Games to Fry’s Electronics to Game Kastle Fremont, and finally to Nelson’s place in El Cerrito for our Games Night, this time on International Tabletop Day.


I lost track of time at Game Kastle, and along with a traffic delay on 880N, I arrived a little later than I intended to, about 20 minutes after our scheduled start time.

Games were played, food was eaten, and I actually won in a game that I had never in the past.

The Giants lost again.  Arrgh.

I’m behind on a couple of shows for the first time in a while.  Arrow and tonight’s Doctor Who, I’m probably going to catch them on Sunday.

I’m hearing the siren’s call of some of my sports games again, but not enough to set one up.  That may change, though.

About Warfighter WWII

I’m really like the Modern Day version, I hear this one is harder…

The rules appear to be identical to Warfighter Modern, with changes appropriate to the time period.  For example, there’s lots of different pistol/rifle ammo sizes in the modern version, but only one basic ‘bullet’ type in the WWII edition, called ‘Ammo ‘.

I looked at the available expansions, which I’m holding off purchasing because I’m told that there’s plenty of replay in the core box.  If I were to get any of the expansions, I’d probably get the extra US, and UK card decks.  Maybe the Germans, but I’d have to see if I don’t mind playing them.  I really have no interest in the Russian and Polish expansions.

I’m not sure what the next couple of waves of expansions will be, but I’m hoping for Pacific Theatre card decks for the WWII game.  As for the Modern setting, I really don’t know.

I hope to get a game play in sometime this weekend.  Luckily the WWII Call of Duty figures were delivered to the office today.

And I may or may not start taking turn-by-turn notes in order to create a mission narrative for an after action report.

Jacket Part Deux

At the beginning of the month I ordered a jacket from Hot Topic.

Yeah.  That Hot Topic.

Anywho, I had it shipped to a local store, in a mall, and waited for the email telling me that I could pick up the order.

That email never came.

Three weeks later (Tuesday) I emailed Hot Topic and asked for a status update on the jacket order.

Their reply:

Hey Chris,

Thanks for emailing us at Hottopic.com!

We apologize if you did not receive the notification that your order is ready for pickup. Please feel free to pick up your order at your earliest convenience.


I have a feeling it was sitting at the store for a good two weeks.  Which is sad because I had gone to that mall at least 2-3 times in those two weeks.

As for the jacket itself, which I picked up after work today, it looks like a cross between two of Cassian Andor’s jackets from Rogue One.

Basically took the styling of the brown one, and added detail and color of the blue one.  Behold:

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A jacket that I had purchased online 3 weeks ago has apparently been ready for pickup for about 2 weeks.

I never got a notification email telling me this.

Pictures later after I pick it up.

Mega Construx Call of Duty

I noticed that I was using Call of Duty figures with desert uniforms for jungle ops, so I checked to see if there were any jungle figures available.

Jungle Rangers set

And then I checked to see if there were World War II figures for the Warfighter WWII game that’s coming in:

Classic Infantry Pack

They even have an authentic 48-star flag in that set.

Games Incoming

Not that I have time to play them all…

I’m really like the Modern Day version, I hear this one is harder…

And another from World War II, closer to my heritage…

And there’s a Corregidor boardgame under development as well.

SVCC 2017 Recap

I got up way earlier than I usually do on a Saturday, just so I could get on the road early and down to San Jose for Silicon Valley Comic-Con 2017.

I parked in the same lot that I did last year, about a block away from the Convention Center, and walked over to the ‘big blue tent’ behind the convention center, where registration and RFID bracelet pick-up was located.

After picking up my bracelet, I walked toward the front Convention Center and stopped at the corner, which was the end of the line.

After a short wait, the line began to move, and after a quick bag check and bracelet tap, I was inside.

I walked up to the main concourse, where the exhibitor hall was still closed.  I took a few pictures, got a lightsaber key chain for downloading an app, and found a side door already open, so I walked in with a bunch of other folks, while Steve Wozniak addressed the crowd outside the main entrance.

I did my usual browsing and took pictures, saying ‘Hi’ to a couple of cosplayers that I follow on Facebook. I didn’t expect to but anything, like last year.  But once I found the NASA Ames merchandise booth, I knew I was going to go home with something.

I ended up with a NASA rubber ducky.  Because I didn’t have $900 for the Shuttle Missions Pins framed collection.

I wandered over to a toy vendor, and spotted a SABINE WREN 6″ Black Series figure.  No way I was going to pass this one up, it was the last one on the shelf, and my hesitation cost me a Kanan Jarrus last year.

Content with my two purchases, I made my way to Artist’s Alley.  And that’s where I made my last purchase at the convention, a print of the cover of Micronauts #5, signed by the artist, Michael Golden.  As he signed it, I said what he’s probably heard countless times before: it was my favorite comic when I was a kid.  He said thank you and we shook hands.

I decided to make a drop at the car, so I hiked back to the lot and dropped off my purchases and lightened my bag load by leaving my unused Kindle and eating a couple of granola bars.

After reentering the venue, I walked around and took more pictures, and eventually found my way to the fan tables.  I spotted Michele Specht, who plays Dr. McKenna on Star Trek Continues.  I asked to take her picture, and we had a short chat about the series, and the latest episode.  They were screening it tonight, but I wasn’t hanging around for it, unfortunately.  It was a good episode, having seen it a couple of weeks ago.

I then found my way downstairs, where the retro games room was, and next to it, an auction for screen used props and costumes.  I was in awe as I stood before an original screen used Christopher Reeve Superman costume from Superman III.  There were items from Back to the Future, Star Trek, Star Wars, and even Cast Away, including a Wilson prop.

Eventually it was time for me to line up for the Adam West/Burt Ward photo-op, which was the primary reason I decided to go to SVCC this year.

The wait was a little longer than expected, mainly because Burt Ward was taking extra time to sign autographs.  Once I got into the photo booth area, it was a bit impersonal.  Neither Ward or West said anything, and the staff were just shuffling people through the line, pose, and out of the booth.  They could have put wax figures in place of them and the experience would have been the same.  Ah well.

I made my way back to the main hall, took a few more pictures, and left.

Once I got to my car, I made the mistake of hooking up my phone to charge without turning on the engine.  I then turned on A/C and the radio, and about 10 minutes later, my car died.

I tried to start the car every 5 minutes or so, and about 20 minutes later it finally turned over and started.  Whew!

I was hungry now, as it was 3:30 pm and all I had eaten all day was the aforementioned granola bars.

I went to Pieology, as I did last year, but bad timing had me there when they were understaffed, and the lady in front of me ordered 5 pizzas!  It took almost 10 minutes until they got to me, and about 5 minutes to get my order in the oven.

The pizza came quickly after that, and once I finished eating, I went home.

I didn’t get to do a few things that I wanted to, like attend the March for Science, or any of the panels, but I enjoyed the time I spent wandering the halls and taking pictures.

All said, I had a good time, and may decide to attend SF Comic-Con this year.

Pictures to follow.