Weekend Update

3-Day weekend review, by activities:

  • watched Power Rangers
  • played 2 baseball games
  • painted miniatures
  • watched NCAA Final Four games
  • 1st play of Warfighter
  • watching baseball on Opening Day

What to do now, as the Giants opener ends and the Warriors game is on in about an hour or so?

Coming Soon

I got an email from Legion Wargames today, about a game that I had reserved via preorder, and it’s now going to be released this June.  The email was asking for payment for my preorder.  Yay!

This is an updated/expanded reimaging of the old B-17 Queen of the Skies game, which I still play.  This has a variety of bombers and more targets across Germany.

It had been so long (2015?) since I placed my initial preorder that I had forgotten about it until I joined the Solitaire Wargames group on Facebook.   The folks there were talking about this upcoming solitaire B-17 game, so I went to the webpage to check it out, and found that not only did I already have an account there, I had already preordered this game.

Apparently I also had a couple other preorders:

And I added one more:

The damn trailers and commercials for the upcoming film got me interested in that last one.

Solitaire wargaming is fun!

Warfighter: Mission 1

Location: South American Jungle
Mission: Covert
Objective: Eliminate Drug Cartel Boss
Squad: Staff Sgt. Giacomelli, SPC Corona

Result: failure

Deployed via helicopter, the pair made their way to the Wetlands, where they were immediately set upon by an ambush.  Corona managed to eliminate the the trio of ambushers, but Giacomelli had trouble dispatching a drug runner.  Thugs, lookouts, and more drug runners kept springing up, making progress to the objective a crawl. By the time all of the hostiles were dealt with, Giacomelli made it to the high ground, but time had run out and their quarry had escaped.

I made a few mistakes during play, like forgetting to check of hostile reinforcements, but I think I got the gist of the game play down.

I’ll be attempting this mission again, with a larger force.  Perhaps I’ll send in the British SAS instead of US Special Forces.

Review: Power Rangers

I was never a Power Rangers fan.

I did have a crush on the Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson, who later appeared on Felicity.

That said, I liked the new movie a lot.  Each of the Rangers had enough backstory to make you actually care about them. There was enough backstory in general that allowed you to jump into this movie with little or no knowledge of the Power Rangers.

Fans probably geeked out over things more than I did.

My favorite character was the Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston.  When we first meet him, you can tell right away that there’s something different about him, and he explains that he’s on the autism spectrum.  His performance in the movie was fantastic, pretty much stealing every scene that he was in.

The rest of the cast were great as well, the entire movie was carried by all of them, as a team, as it were.  It felt a bit like The Breakfast Club with the detention angle and how they all came together to work toward their common goal.

I actually grinned like an idiot when the original theme was played.  Like the whole movie was building up to that, and the scene it was played in.

And I happened to have my Icee cup in my hand when they showed a pair of cameos in the film, so I raised my cup in salute to them.

I was also surprised by the mid-credits scene, which I should have seen coming.

I may not be a fan, but I know some of the lore.

After the movie I saw the Blue Ranger Pop! Vinyl figure, but decided not to get it, because I would then have to get the other 4 Ranger figures.

Recommended by me.  It’s a lot of fun.

Out of My System

Okay, I think I’m done picking up everything that I was interested in for the Batman Miniature Game.

After the announcement of Joss Whedon directing the Batgirl film, I decided to finally pick a Batgirl figure for the game.

There are two of them.

The Animated Series version
Not the Animated Series version

Both have their strengths and weaknesses in game terms, the Animated version is a bit weaker in terms of skills.

I couldn’t decide, so I picked up both.  I have 3 Batmen, after all.

And then I picked up this one to create a Birds of Prey team, with Black Canary:

And then late last night I picked up the Watchmen figures on eBay.

Basically, I’ve spent that small fortune that I was hoping to avoid spending by not getting this game in the first place.  Good thing I already got my tax return…

Warfighter Update

Still have not played a game, busy as I’ve been with other stuff. *cough*Batman Miniatures Game*cough*

I did, however, purchase Tabletop Simulator and the downloadable content for Warfighter, which gives you the entire game PLUS all the expansions.  All for much lower than the physical expansions would cost.

But that didn’t stop me from getting a couple more physical expansions for my original game, namely the Support  and Eastern European Adversaries sets, and the Foot Locker.

UAVs and stuff
Gotta have my SAS boys stay close to home, ya?
Should be more than enough storage space, seeing that I’m not picking up all of the expansions, which this is designed for.

It was this video that sold me on the Foot Locker:

Well, this video and me discovering how shallow the current Warfighter box is.  As it stands now, the box will not close all the way.

Plans for my first game are still to take a squad into the South American jungles to find a drug cartel leader.

Star Trek 50th

There were 29 episodes of the Original Series that premiered in the year I was born, 1967.  These were the voyages from the back half of Season 1 and the front of Season 2.

I haven’t written about all of them, just favorites of mine.  Perhaps I should have been doing them all along. Ah well.  I’ll continue blogging about my favorite episodes.

For the record, “The Alternative Factor” premiered 50 years ago today.

It was never one of my favorite episodes, truth be told, but it may have been the first time I ever heard of the idea of parallel universes.

And this was the first episode where one of my favorite ‘minor’ Enterprise crewmen got his first screen credit.

Eddie Paskey as Mr. Leslie

Alternative Crew

Subbing in this guy for Adam West and Tim Drake Robin brings the total down to 334.

Which then leaves some points and monies for some gear.  The other list used up all available funding/money

I’m a little disappointed that there’s no Michael Keaton Batman figure.  But I’m more than happy with the Adam West and Ben Affleck figures, along with the ‘classic’ comic Batman.

First Crew?

Playing around with Hero-Builder, I came up with what may be my first 350-point team for the Batman Miniature Game.  It actually comes up to 352 points.

Na na na na na na na na Batman!
With Robin, the Boy Wonder!
Gordon and his SWAT team
Redshirts, er, additional cops…