Home Appliances

I stayed home from work today in order to meet a technician who could diagnose the problem with our not-getting-cold refrigerator.

Diagnosis: freon leak within the cabinet of the fridge, which is an impossible thing to repair without ripping the unit apart.  The tech said that we could refill the unit with freon, but would have to again in 4-6 months, at a cost of about $200 per refill.  He recommended that we just get a new one.

I was about to order one online from Best Buy, but Dad said that he wanted to actually look at them this time instead of just browsing a catalog online.  Which is how we bought this last one.

I ran errands (picked up meds, haircut) while Dad met up with my Uncle Pete to do some comparison shopping.

Later in the day, Dad called from Best Buy(!) and asked me to pick him up, and to check out the possible replacement.  We looked at an open box floor model, but eventually settled on one of the ones that I was looking at this morning, online.

Delivery is set for Monday afternoon, which means no fridge over the weekend.


‘This must be Thursday,’ said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer. ‘I never could get the hang of Thursdays.’


Edit: I forgot to hit ‘Publish’ on this one late last night (Wednesday).


I have way too many sports games at this point.

Hell, I have way too many games, period, at this point.

Thing is, I want to play them all, even ones that I haven’t even read the rules for yet, because at some point they appealed enough to me that I actually shelled out monies for them.



Arrow was not annoying for the second week in a row.  This may be due to the writers getting better, or the addition of Dinah Drake and Talia al Ghul, both of whom added some substance to the story through their observations on Ollie.


Watching the Warriors game, and I STILL am in awe that KEVIN DURANT IS A WARRIOR.


I checked out the first half of Legion on FX.  I’ll watch the second half before I make some comment about it.

TV Viewing

Crap, 24: Legacy is on Monday nights, opposite Supergirl.

Yeah, I can DVR one or the other, or have them magically appear on my PC, but Dad will want to watch 24.

Super Bowl Sunday!

So that was one helluva game.

To be honest, I was just rooting for the Pats to lose.  But what a comeback.


24: Legacy was a lot better than I was expecting it to be.


It still takes me quite a while to play a game of Second Season football.  I was distracted by the actually football game, though, and I just finished the 1st quarter at the end of the real game.


Game Day food was BBQ pulled pork sliders.

Today’s Experiment

How long can I go without turning on my desktop computer?  It’s been off since around 11pm Friday night.

This post is from the WordPress app on my phone.