30 Years

November 26, 1986:


Memory is VERY hazy, but according to the interwebs, today (11.26.2016) is the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Earlier in the year it was announced that the film was shooting in San Francisco, and I recall a couple of times that Glenn and I tried to check out locations where they were supposedly shooting.  We never found them.

On the day before Thanksgiving, a bunch of us went down to… Regency I(?) to stand in line for an evening showing on premiere day.

Come to think of it, except for The Motion Picture and the last two TNG films, I think I’ve seen all of the Trek films on opening day.  As I said, memory is hazy.

I remember how different I knew the movie would be just from the opening theme.  The familiar notes from the TOS theme was heard, but the rest of the music over the opening credits was very different from Goldsmith’s and Horner’s previous.  It seemed more playful, as opposed to the nautical feel of the Horner themes.

And that’s what we got, a playful, almost slapstick story surrounding an important ‘save the world’ mission for our crew.

It was a fun movie to watch.  And despite some location inaccuracies (they wanted a ride to San Francisco while walking along the Marina?), it was great seeing my hometown and surround areas get some screen time in a Star Trek film.

I think I’ll find some time later this weekend to give it a viewing.


Oh, ho…

I have discovered that epub documents from the Black Library are quite readable through Google Play Books.


I purchased the Cadia Codex supplement for Warhammer 40K as a test, to see if these were worth buying, and if they didn’t work on my tablet, I was actually considering getting a new or refurbished iPad in order for me to read these things.

Before trying Play Books, I had downloaded a few ‘free’ epub3-format readers, and all of them failed processing the text in the document, in one way or another.

I may purchase digital copies of existing rules.

Chase 2016

Even with my favorite driver retired, I still have a tiny bit of interest in NASCAR.  Especially since my ‘retired’ driver drove in a few races this year.

With Tony Stewart retiring, and the possibility of Dale Jr. stepping away (though he may be cleared in December), I really am out of drivers who I root for.

My pick for the championship?

Jimmie Johnson.

As much as I actually rooted against him over the years, I figure if anyone should match Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty’s record, why not a Hendrick Motorsports driver?

And I would love to see Chase Elliott get the #24 in victory lane.

Big Game

stanford calberkeley

Technically, I don’t have a dog in this fight.  Never have, as I’m not an alumni of either school.

It’s been argued that I should root for Cal, because it’s part of a public university system, like SFSU/CSU, versus the private university that is Stanford.  But I’ve never embraced that aspect.

I’ve been to more Cal Bears games (2?) than Stanford Cardinal games (1).

Stanford was the first college that I remember wanting to attend, all because it had the same school colors as the high school that I ended up attending.

Stanford is where John Elway went to school.  I saw him in that one lone football game that I went to, vs. Ohio State.  The game is available on YouTube.

And no offense to Gamma Gamma chapter, but I always felt more comfortable with Zeta chapter whenever I attended Alpha Phi Omega events at either school.

I’ve always liked the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band over the Cal Band.

So, like I have for as long as I can remember, today I root for Stanford.

All right now.

It Figures 11.19.2016

Finally got around to opening a bunch of figures that I had picked up over the last few months…

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Iceman
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange
Ahsoka Tano
Kanan Jarrus
Ahsoka and Kanan
Stranger Things…?
Jyn Erso
Chirrut Imwe
Jyn Erso