So far, so good…

I’ve kept myself to checking social media once every hour or two, and when I do get on Facebook or Twitter, I log off if I see more than 2-3 political posts in my timeline.

This is for me, not for you.  Don’t feel slighted if I or anyone else is checking in less often.  We do what we need to do for our own well being.

Meanwhile, I have to get back into the novel Life Debt, as the next book in the Aftermath series comes out in about 2 and a half weeks!  Yikes!

And, after watching just the first 10 minutes of the second episode of Riverdale, I’ve decided to stop.  It’s just TOO teen angsty and 90’s WB/CW in it’s tone.  I’ll stick to the recent Archie Comic by Mark Waid, thanks.

And I liked Powerless.  It has potential.

Also, I hope they sell that ‘Sleeping Draymond’ blanket to the general public.

So far…

Best Buy emailed a birthday coupon, and the Wells Fargo ATM said to enjoy my birth month.

Feb 1st

Something I heard this morning regarding social media is that nowadays it’s harder to post about the mundane  because many feel it’s inappropriate to do so.

Fuck that noise.

Here’s Felicity Jones ‘playing’ with herself.

End of Month

Already?  Really?

Time seems to speed up at random, or so it seems.

Anyways, my birth month is here.



I honestly didn’t think it would happen this soon.

Peter Capaldi has announced that he will be leaving Doctor Who after the 2017 Christmas Special.


I was hoping that he’d play the Doctor for at least as long as Tom Baker.  But he’ll have done the requisite 3 series/seasons that David Tennant and Matt Smith had both done, though Tennant technically did a ‘4th’ season of specials.

Odds have been posted on who the next actor to take the role will be, with my personal pick (Rory Kinnear) currently at 7:1.

I’m saddened, truth be told, that Capaldi is leaving.  Depending on how his final series goes, I think he’ll be my second favorite Doctor, after Baker and slightly ahead of, if not just tied with, Christopher Eccleston.

For now, I’ll just say thank you, Doctor.

Weekend Goals?


Played some table top baseball.

Painted Blood Bowl lizardman miniatures.

Built LEGO van/caravan set.

Replaced Keurig machine with larger capacity Keurig machine.


Work on Lunchtime D&D campaign.

Do a dry run of a podcast, unless you count the 1-hour phone conversation that I had with my mystery co-host.

Start watching The Man in the High Castle, Season 2.


I went out to run errands, after popping a generi-Phed.  I was okay until it started to wear off, and I forgot to bring some with me.  Whoops.

A quick trip to Walgreens for Wal-Phed got me back up and running.

And I began to wind down again after I got home.

I think it’s almost time for another one.  This sucks.