Birthday Shindig

It feels very odd to get home from a gathering of friends and family, and I’m not uploading any pictures from it.

My niece and nephew told me to put my camera away, since it was my own birthday party.

It was a fun time, with the previously mentioned friends and family present, and it was good to catch up with them all.

Plenty of food, as usual, with a great cake that my sister Jen made.

I got lots of cards and a few gifts, even though I didn’t expect any.

The best part of it all?

Seeing almost everyone in Star Wars t-shirts, and a couple of costumes.  That was my requested theme, as Star Wars truly rules my own life, and affects everyone else around me.

Heck, my cake was Chewbacca’s face!

Thank you to all who attended today, and to all who have wished me an early birthday.

T-minus 5 days and counting.

The 50s

February 16, 1967: premiere date of Star Trek episode ‘Space Seed’

One week before I was born, an episode of Star Trek premiered that would one day be the catalyst that rejuvenated the franchise.

The Enterprise discovers an ancient sleeper ship, the SS Botany Bay, which escaped from Earth’s Eugenics Wars in the late 20th century. The genetically engineered passengers, led by war criminal Khan Noonien Singh, seize control of the Enterprise and attempt to destroy the ship. (This episode serves as the backstory to the second Star Trek film)

Admittedly, this was never one of my favorite episodes.  Indeed, when the first news of the second Star Trek film came out, and that the producers were going to base it on this episode, I had serious doubts about how that was going to work.

Ricardo Montalban was known by me for his Chrysler Cordoba commercial, with the ‘rich Corinthian leather’ seats, and as Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island.  I was totally unaware of any of his other work in TV and film.

The movie itself was a huge success, and still remains as my favorite of all the Star Trek films.

It was also the first film that made me cry like a baby at the theatre.  It still makes me tear up when I watch it.

Doubts aside, if it wasn’t for this particular episode, and the foresight of Harve Bennett and Nicholas Meyer, Star Trek may have never reached the popularity it achieved to this day.

And while I say that Star Wars rules my life, I was first, and foremost, a Trekkie.



From the main page (myCalPERS):

Time to Earliest Retirement

0.022 years

Earliest Retirement Age is 50.


Nice to have a day away from the office.

Although I had to wait for the new refrigerator to arrive, after which I went to the grocery store to pick up some replacement groceries, like milk and condiments and soda.

I managed to play a baseball game (John D’Acquisto 1974 season, game 5) and catch a few more episodes of Thunderbirds are GO on Amazon streaming.

How’s your day?