The Value of Hard Copy

If there was one thing that I’m learning from shutting down my previous blogs, it’s that there needs to be a backup, possibly printed, copy of anything that I’ve posted, especially regarding gaming and the like.

Case in point: remember those spaceship miniatures that I had picked up and painted and named ‘Task Force Guardian’?  Aside from the fact that I made them part of the Philippine Space Navy, I have no record anywhere about the names of those ships.

Which simply means that I’ll end up renaming them, hopefully with the original names or something close, unless I decide on some other governing body for this fleet.  Unlikely, though.  I liked the names that I picked, and will probably remember them once I look them up again.

Comm officer, send friendship message to unknown fleet: Mabuhay!



In May of 2004, when I first logged into City of Heroes, I picked the server at the top of the list: Guardian.

It was my characters’ primary home for the time the game was online, and I still have many friends who I keep in contact from that server, and others from the game’s other servers.

Monday night on Supergirl, a new hero burst on the scene, based on a hero from DC’s Golden Age: The Guardian.


Created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, at roughly the same time as Captain America, Jim Harper is a police officer in Metropolis’ Suicide Slum who became a vigilante to catch crooks that the law could not prosecute, describing himself as guarding society from criminals.

The character appeared on and off over the years, with other characters taking on the mantle of Guardian, including the Golden Guardian (Jim Harper’s clone) and Manhattan Guardian (Jake Jordan).

gangbusterguardian manhatan-guardian1

It was a thrill to see James Olsen don the newly created armor of Guardian.  It’s a thrill to see any comic book character in live action form, but this one is special, because it’s like the personification of my home server in CoH, come to life.

I just wish City of Heroes was still around so I could recreate this look in-game.

Just a City Boy…

Driving to the grocery store, listening to I Heart The 80s, Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 from November 14, 1981.

Freshman year in high school for me.

#28 on the countdown starts up, and suddenly I’m belting out Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” as I’m thinking back to those times, how new everything was, and how, 35 years later, I seem to feel that same sense of change around me.

Challenge accepted.

Oddly enough…

As I was going through files from the backup archives for PDGBlog/Serenity (2005-2010) and Blog V3/Making This Up As I Go (2010-2016), the one big difference I saw was the lower number of images used in the older blog than the newer one.

The older blog was about story telling with words, the newer with pictures.

Part of that is because I had just gotten into photography near the end of the older blog, so that was where a lot of my photos were showcased.  I don’t think I’ll be reposting anything from the past, especially pictures.

I hope express myself more with words than images this time around, as I think I’ll be more talkative here than I had been in recent years.

We’ll see how this all goes, together.

A New Beginning

Sad to report that my previous site had been hacked, and my personal blogs had been compromised.  I basically had to shut it all down and start over elsewhere.

Pity I lost about 11 years worth of content, but I suppose it was time for a new start.

So here we are.

Hope to see y’all back here.