A week ago I thought I was distracted because of my upcoming colonoscopy and deciding what to do about a job opening at work.

A week later those two items have past and been resolved.

So why am I still distracted?


So, that was that.

Dad dropped me off at the hospital and I wandered around until I found the endoscopy department.  I checked in and filled out some paperwork.

A few minutes later a nurse brought me over to the changing room, where I stripped down to two hospital gowns and a pair of hospital socks.

I made one last trip to the bathroom and was led to the pre-procedure area and laid in bed as my vitals were taken and had an IV attached to my hand.  The doctor stopped by to talk and have me sign the consent form.

I laid there for a little over an hour, because the guy ahead of me came in late, so they were taking care of him first.

Another nurse appeared, and two of them wheeled me into the procedure room.  I answered a few more questions as they hooked me up to some monitors to track my vitals.

As the nurse attached and injected a couple of meds into my IV, I then woke up in the post-procedure area, feeling light headed but not nauseated.

I was out like a light during the entire procedure, which lasted about 20 minutes.  I think I was out for almost an hour.

I was given some apple juice and then given my clothes to change.  The nurse walked me back out to the check in/waiting room, where I waited for Dad to pick me up.

Dad dropped me off at home (he had to go out and get his meds) and I ate a pack of saltine crackers.

I then took a nap.

Now I’m hungry, so I ordered a cheeseburger.


When I used to have a bad gout attack, the doctor would prescribe colchicine, which would induce diarrhea.

This prep stuff that I’m taking for the colonoscopy is supposed to do the same thing, which it is.

This is nothing I have not experienced before.

The liquid diet thing was the worst part, truth be told.


Oh, good, I can still eat peanut butter 3 days before my colonoscopy.

And crackers.


I’m trying to not stress out over next week’s medical procedure (colonoscopy) and the deadline for a job posting.

I’m so distracted (and tired), that I left some change at the self check-out machine at Target.  Whoops.

On the bright side, I got another porg, this one squeaks (or squawks) when you squeeze it.

He looks so excited!

I buckled him in on the ride home from Target