comiXology Storage Mitigation

One issue I decided take care of with the new iPad mini 4 was to move all trade paperbacks (including those from amazon/Kindle) and non-continuing comic series to the iPad, while keeping all ongoing series on my Galaxy Tab 10.5.

I almost ran out of space on the iPad.  Yikes.

No Cons

After giving it much thought, I have decided to not go to any comic-cons this year.

Silicon Valley CC was the only one that I was planning to attend, but that was nixed when Carrie Fisher passed away, who I had planned to get a photo op with this year.

If anything, I may go to the smaller cons around here, like South City CC.

I think I’m over the whole waiting in lines to attend panels for information that will be on the internet moments after it’s revealed.

The only celeb that I currently want to meet is Lee Majors, but he never travels out this way.

So far, so good…

I’ve kept myself to checking social media once every hour or two, and when I do get on Facebook or Twitter, I log off if I see more than 2-3 political posts in my timeline.

This is for me, not for you.  Don’t feel slighted if I or anyone else is checking in less often.  We do what we need to do for our own well being.

Meanwhile, I have to get back into the novel Life Debt, as the next book in the Aftermath series comes out in about 2 and a half weeks!  Yikes!

And, after watching just the first 10 minutes of the second episode of Riverdale, I’ve decided to stop.  It’s just TOO teen angsty and 90’s WB/CW in it’s tone.  I’ll stick to the recent Archie Comic by Mark Waid, thanks.

And I liked Powerless.  It has potential.

Also, I hope they sell that ‘Sleeping Draymond’ blanket to the general public.

Repost: Quick Comic Review: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

I didn’t expect to like this series as much as I do.

I’ve been a fan of both teams, I just haven’t followed Suicide Squad since the ’80s, to be honest. I haven’t even seen the latest movie.

So far (through JL #12 on the checklist) it’s been a pretty good story, with an unexpected villain. I won’t spoil it for those who want to read the trade paperback when it comes out.

3 out of 4 stars, so far. Go check it out!