Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my chosen hobbies.

DC Universe Miniature Game
Ball Park Baseball, 1917 season
Warhammer 40K

And that’s just what I touched this weekend.

I also spent a few days following the livestream from Star Wars Celebration Orlando, got a haircut, went to a baseball game, watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who, attended a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark with a live orchestra, Easter Brunch with family, and still feel that I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to this weekend.

For example, I didn’t get to play a game of Warfighter or Phantom Leader.  Or start watching a couple of shows on Netflix/Amazon Video.  Or read comics.  Or read in general.

Ah well.

I’m posting this trailer just because.  You folks who haven’t started watching this really should start, the last season begins this fall.

Deliveries update

The stuff not delivered on Monday, which said it was, arrived on Tuesday.

The stuff delivered today was due for delivery tomorrow (Thursday), except for the stuff that was due today, which did arrive today.

More stuff is scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

That is all.


I noticed that Knight Models is using the stylized ‘JL’ logo from the Justice League movie in the iconography for the DC Universe Miniature Game.

I’m hoping that means that I’ll eventually be able to pickup a Jason Momoa Aquaman figure for this game.

I dig it.

DC Universe Miniature Game

I finally took a look at the free rules download for the DC Universe Miniature Game.

It’s made by Knight Models, the same company who produced the Batman Miniature Game.

Batman Miniatures is based on a D6 system.

DCU Miniatures is based on a D8 system.


So the two systems are incompatible with each other, which explains a lot, to be honest, like why they just didn’t simply release an expansion for the rest of the DCU, like they did with the DCTV shows, namely Arrow and The Flash.  The power levels necessary for the full DC Universe would probably break the Batman game, so a different system was created.

Super Speed/Speed Force was probably simple enough to incorporate into the current miniatures rule set.

They will sell ‘Multiverse’ figures which can be used in either game.  The Catwoman figure that I had pre-ordered is one of those new figures, with a stat card for each game included.  I hope they come out with Multiverse cards for existing models, so I can use my current Batman minis with the new game.