I figure that it’ll be here in a week or so.

And yeah, Rogue One is an obvious choice for my bomber’s name.  We’ll see if I stick with that.

In Stock!

Looks like the online stores are getting in their B-17 Flying Fortress Leader games, which means my order should be shipping soon.

There’s an option to fly your own personal bomber within the missions, where you command the entire squadron.  This makes the game a bit like the old B-17: Queen of the Skies game.

So now I need to come up with a name for my bomber.

Suggestions are welcome.

Notes to Narrative

If I took better notes (or any notes at all) when playing some of these solitaire games, I could expand them into complete narratives of the scenario/mission that was played.

I’ll try it next time I play something.

8th Air Force

My interest in the B-17 Flying Fortress was reawakened when I recently started playing B-17: Queen of the Skies, though I’ve just made a quick check of games that I’ve ordered, and I have THREE other B-17/8th Air Force games coming in sometime in the near future.

Even though Memphis Belle is the movie that really made this bomber popular,  I remember reading about the 8th Air Force long before that, even before I played my first game of B-17: QotS.

And then there was one of Harrison Ford’s lesser known films, Hanover Street.

Harrison Ford stars as an American WWII pilot stationed in England who falls in love with a married British nurse (Lesley-Anne Down). When his plane is shot down behind enemy lines, he discovers that the secret agent he must protect is her husband.

I think I saw this on on cable, once, in 1979-80(?), and then it was on again recently at a Chinese restaurant near work, of all places.  Ford’s character flew a B-25 Mitchell instead of a B-17 Flying Fortress.  The newer games appear to have the B-26 Marauder available, which is historically more accurate from what I’ve read.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to these games, as each has a different take on game play.  Queen of the Skies put you in command of a single bomber, while a couple of the new ones have you commanding the entire squadron on the bombing run.

And I recently bought a new book on the subject:

Warfighter WWII

I ran the sample mission, and totally had my ass handed to me.

4 green/novice GIs, cut to pieces by a German Half Track and a dozen riflemen and sturmtruppen.  They didn’t have a chance.

Maybe next time I won’t play with the Elite German troops deck.

About Warfighter WWII

I’m really like the Modern Day version, I hear this one is harder…

The rules appear to be identical to Warfighter Modern, with changes appropriate to the time period.  For example, there’s lots of different pistol/rifle ammo sizes in the modern version, but only one basic ‘bullet’ type in the WWII edition, called ‘Ammo ‘.

I looked at the available expansions, which I’m holding off purchasing because I’m told that there’s plenty of replay in the core box.  If I were to get any of the expansions, I’d probably get the extra US, and UK card decks.  Maybe the Germans, but I’d have to see if I don’t mind playing them.  I really have no interest in the Russian and Polish expansions.

I’m not sure what the next couple of waves of expansions will be, but I’m hoping for Pacific Theatre card decks for the WWII game.  As for the Modern setting, I really don’t know.

I hope to get a game play in sometime this weekend.  Luckily the WWII Call of Duty figures were delivered to the office today.

And I may or may not start taking turn-by-turn notes in order to create a mission narrative for an after action report.

Games Incoming

Not that I have time to play them all…

I’m really like the Modern Day version, I hear this one is harder…

And another from World War II, closer to my heritage…

And there’s a Corregidor boardgame under development as well.

Warfighter: Mission 1

Location: South American Jungle
Mission: Covert
Objective: Eliminate Drug Cartel Boss
Squad: Staff Sgt. Giacomelli, SPC Corona

Result: failure

Deployed via helicopter, the pair made their way to the Wetlands, where they were immediately set upon by an ambush.  Corona managed to eliminate the the trio of ambushers, but Giacomelli had trouble dispatching a drug runner.  Thugs, lookouts, and more drug runners kept springing up, making progress to the objective a crawl. By the time all of the hostiles were dealt with, Giacomelli made it to the high ground, but time had run out and their quarry had escaped.

I made a few mistakes during play, like forgetting to check of hostile reinforcements, but I think I got the gist of the game play down.

I’ll be attempting this mission again, with a larger force.  Perhaps I’ll send in the British SAS instead of US Special Forces.

Warfighter Update

Still have not played a game, busy as I’ve been with other stuff. *cough*Batman Miniatures Game*cough*

I did, however, purchase Tabletop Simulator and the downloadable content for Warfighter, which gives you the entire game PLUS all the expansions.  All for much lower than the physical expansions would cost.

But that didn’t stop me from getting a couple more physical expansions for my original game, namely the Support  and Eastern European Adversaries sets, and the Foot Locker.

UAVs and stuff
Gotta have my SAS boys stay close to home, ya?
Should be more than enough storage space, seeing that I’m not picking up all of the expansions, which this is designed for.

It was this video that sold me on the Foot Locker:

Well, this video and me discovering how shallow the current Warfighter box is.  As it stands now, the box will not close all the way.

Plans for my first game are still to take a squad into the South American jungles to find a drug cartel leader.