New Figure

The GI Joe Collector’s Club incentive figure arrived, and his accessory set is on it’s way.

This is the Man of Mysteries, or the Arcane Adventurer.  He has a glow-in-the-dark katana, and the other gear and outfit pictured.

He came dressed like this:

This is the accessory set:

So, what’s a good name for an Arcane Adventurer, similar to Constantine or Kolchak or Mulder?


I never thought of making a super hero out of any of the 12″ GI Joes that I collect.  Mike Power and Bulletman were the closest that they made in the actual GI Joe Adventure team line.

So of course I decide to do it with an Action Man figure instead.

50th Anniversary Action Man – Action Soldier

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I while ago I picked up a GI Joe figure from Cotswold Collectibles with the Asian headsculpt, but as an Adventure Team Fuzzhead.  I called him Karateman, and had him in a black/yellow bodysuit, the reverse of Bruce Lee, but I later learned is the same design as the old 8″ Super Joe Commander outfit.

The one thing I was not satisfied with were the cavalry boots that I got for the figure; they seemed too high.  So I went and bought a pair of jack boots for him.

Time to make the switch!


A little wiggling got the left boot off the foot


I think he looks better in the shorter boots

But wait!  What’s this?  Whose outfit is this?

We’ll find out later today!