Free Comic Book Day 2017

Getting better at scheduling this out.

I picked up my nephew at a little after 10am.  We got to the comic shop about 10-15 minutes before they opened.  We had to park on the other side of the 24 Hour Fitness building and walk a bit to the comic shop.

There was a short line that went pretty quick after the shop opened at 11am.  We each grabbed our allotted 3 comics, got rung up at a register, and left.

By the time we got to the mall/theatre, it was about time to grab some food and go to our seats.  They ran out of medium sized ICEE cups and didn’t have pretzel bites, so I settled for a large ICEE and a hot dog.  Joseph got an ICEE and popcorn.

There were no loud talkers, and only some seat confusion due to not being able to see the seat numbers once the lights go down.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 holds up on second viewing.

After the movie I checked my phone and saw a voicemail message from Gator Games, which I checked to confirm that my copy of the Shadow War Armageddon rule book was available for pickup.

After picking up some sundries from Target we quickly drove down to the game store and I got my rule book, while Joseph asked the workers there about Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

We made one last stop at the Brisbane library, who also participate in Free Comic Book Day, and they have no limits on the comics one can take.  I don’t know why we just don’t go there initially…

I dropped off Joseph, then refueled my car and myself (gas and McDonalds, respectively) and went home, to find too many choices on TV (Captain America movies, Star Wars marathon, NBA playoffs).

I am Star-Lord

One of the main reasons I call the Guardians of the Galaxy films my favorite Marvel films is because I relate more to the main character in these films than any other Marvel film.

I had a very similar experience in a hospital like the beginning of the first film.

He says and does things in both films that I would do in the same given situations.

His taste in music is similar to mine, though I lean more toward the ’80s.

But most of all?

I have family, and friends who are like family, that believe in me and have my back.  And I have theirs.

I do have that first name in common with 3 of the main Marvel movie actors, though.  So that’s cool.

What a Day

I had planned to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at a free screening on Friday morning, but we’re short staffed at work, and I have tickets for Saturday anyways.

I told my supervisor about the movie, and she mentioned that if it was later in the day it might be better.  I then mentioned that THIS afternoon was a double feature with both GotG movies back-to-back.

She actually told me to go.  I told her that I’d think about it, then she said that I needed to go so I could tell her if it was good or not, because she loved the first one.

After spending some hours at work and feeling mentally drained, I decided to go to the movie.  I finished up a few outstanding issues, then packed my stuff, told my supervisor that I was leaving, and she said, “have fun!”

I got to the theatre and the ticket taker scanned my phone for the ticket, then she directed me to the courtesy desk, where I was handed a cardstock album cover-sized poster, some buttons, and a wristband for discounted concessions.

I grabbed my usual, a medium-sized blue ICEE, and pretzel bites.  As the cashier rang me up, I showed her the wristband, and she asked if I wanted a large ICEE instead, “it’ll be cheaper, really” so I handed her my medium and went back to get a large.

I settled into my seat, ate my food, and the original Guardians of the Galaxy started.

I had forgotten how much it hurts to watch the opening scene, with Peter in the hospital with his dying mom.  It hits way too close to home.  And it’s one reason why I love that movie so much.

Once the movie ended (as in, after the final scene with Howard the Duck), I left my seat to go to the bathroom, and then I got some ice cream.

I returned to my seat and they started doing a trivia giveaway with t-shirts and soundtrack CDs.  I knew the answer to most of the questions, and then:

Manager: For a soundtrack CD: what comic did Drax first appear in?

No one seemed to know, and I raised my hand before she gave the multiple choice answers/hints.

Me: Iron Man.

Manager: Correct!

The people around me we’re saying things like “Go ice cream dude!” “See that?  He just knew.  No hesitation.  Awesome.”  And there was some polite clapping.

The trailers started promptly at 7pm.

Dunkirk, The Mummy, Transformers: The Last Knight

Then the message to put on the 3D glasses.

The Last Jedi.  It actually made me weep.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Thor: Ragnarok

Except for The Mummy and Transformers, I’m probably going to go see the other movies.

One word review: awesome.

Longer review:

It’s now my favorite Marvel movie.

MOST of the crowd stayed for all 5 credits/post credits scenes; some left after the first couple.

After the day I had, this was a nice way to end it.