I’ve been calling for his trade or release for years.

Now that it’s happened, I’m a bit sad.

He’s been a part of the San Jose Sharks for the past 19 seasons, so it’s like watching a chunk of my own past leaving.

During those years, I was a huge fan, attending games, following them in their playoff runs, and until that 3-0 blown lead debacle in 2014, I would support them 100%.

Maybe 95%.

Anyways, good luck, Patrick Marleau, and thanks for all you did in San Jose.

*waits for Leafs #12 Marleau jersey to go on sale*

No Jersey

Status now says: Shipping expected in MID-April.

Ah well.

Not going to have it for this Saturday’s screening of Raiders with live¬†orchestra.

Cutting it close

Back in January I ordered an item from Geeky Jerseys.

I was hoping to have it in time for the Raiders of the Lost Ark with Live Orchestra performance next Saturday.

Current status of my order says ‘Shipping expected in early April’.

Which means it might be here in time.

And now we wait.