I spent a ridiculous amount of time today going though some stacks of old CDs that I had not transferred to my iPod/iPad.

I came across a lot of 90s music that I haven’t listened to since, well, the 90s, of bands that I have no interest in listening to now, nor can I recall any of their songs, like Everclear, Frente, Belly, Big Audio Dynamite, and others.

All this started because I discovered that I did not have the D2: The Mighty Ducks soundtrack in my library.

I ended up adding like 30+ CDs to the library, including some Disney CDs, some MTV Unplugged stuff, all three Austin Powers movies music, and some other movie stuff.

Also, John Williams Olympic music, and the national anthems of 16 countries.

I bought a lot of odd CDs over the years.

A while ago I added the sound effects from Star Trek The Original series.

And how did I also not have Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” in my library?

I must have started doing this at about 10 this morning, and 6 hours later I realized that I was hungry.

I ended up driving out to Five Guys for a burger and fries.

Currently I’m finishing up the day with the Warriors game, and learning how to play Dinosaur Island.

iPod Fixed?

Looks like doing a factory reset did the job, the free space on the iPod appears to match the free space reported in iTunes.

Go me.


iPod Failure?

I’ve been fiddling with my iPod for the past few hours.  It doesn’t seem to want to respond to a proper sync with iTunes, so I deleted all the music and am currently reloading them.

One problem was that it said that it was 4GB over limit, even though I didn’t add anything.  On the contrary, I deleted a few playlists, that were still listed on the device after a couple of ‘successful’ syncs, but the playlist I wanted to add was not found in the list.

I even went in and marked a few apps for uninstall, and it still said I was over capacity.

Looks like it’s syncing now.  Arrgh.  I hope it’s not dying.