Mutants and Masterminds: The End

We tried.

We really did.

But after 3 sessions of a lot of page flipping and die rolling, we just couldn’t get into this system.  We found it overly complicated and poorly organized.

So we pulled the plug on our campaign.

We finished the adventure that we had started last time, so we were pretty much cancelled after issue #2 of our unnamed super group comic.

Or this anthology book is starting a new story with new characters and new background.

We’re leaning toward science fiction for our next role-playing campaign.

We shall see.

RPGs: Mutants and Masterminds

Fun game.  We’re just having problems wrapping our heads around certain concepts, from combat to power descriptions.

We’ll get it down.  Soon.  I think.

We still don’t have an official name for our super group.


I received so many items for so many different games yesterday, and stupidly tried to go through all of them last night.

Big mistake.

I couldn’t focus on one thing or another, in addition to attempting to play the second mission of the Phantom Leader campaign that I started.  It was a total failure, all planes shot down, but only because I forgot to employ a couple of rules, like pilot EVADE.  Whoops.

I guess I’ll rerun the mission sometime soon.

I sorted the cards and punched the counters for Warfighter.  I skimmed the rules.

I attempted to figure out how to run a fight in the Batman Miniatures Game.  I also found a box to store all the miscellaneous markers and templates for the game.

I opened up the Starfire Gorm-Khanate War expansion.  I almost punched the counters.

I assembled and primed the miniatures that I got from Crossover Miniatures, including the one I’m using for The Koala in Mutants and Masterminds.

Meanwhile, I was watching the Warriors/Thunder game, Supergirl and 24: Legacy.  Good to see Oded Fehr back on TV.

There’s simply not enough time in a day to do everything that I’d like to do.

As a side note, this morning I ordered a few counter trays for all the wargames that I’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks.  Odd that you’d have to pay extra for counter trays, they used to come with the games, back in the day.

And Knight Models got back to me regarding the Superman miniature defect, they’ll be sending me a replacement part in a couple of weeks, so I’ll just put off assembly until then.  Yay!

All this with baseball approaching.

See why I can’t podcast?

Mutants and Masterminds

Today my gaming group began a new role-playing campaign, using the Mutants and Masterminds game system.

We spent a couple of hours creating characters, with me doing it hesitantly, since I was running the campaign.

I decided to make a ‘Crime Fighter’ type, since I wanted to make a Shadow/Crimson Avenger/Green Hornet type.  That isn’t what I ended up with.

The following is a result of the die rolls generated as I used the quick-start character creation system:

Dark Avenger: Your life changed in a single, horrifying moment.  Since then you’ve trained your body and mind to become an instrument of vengeance.

I need to come up with what that traumatic event was.

Incredible Presence: You are physically impressive or otherwise intimidating.  You are also a natural leader.


Sleuth: You’re a student of observation.

Scientist: You are a trained scientist and capable of inventing gadgets of your own.


Acrobat: You’re a trained acrobat, capable of incredible feats of agility.

By this time I figured that I was going to have a Batman-esque hero.  Or maybe Blue Beetle II/Nite Owl.

Avenger: You’ve trained yourself in a number of useful skills.

The advantages given here totally makes this guy like Batman (Streetwise, Intimidation, Vehicles).

Investigator: You’ve studied investigation and other forms of observation.

Next, this character ended up with Gadgetry, granting him a Headquarters, and a further roll granted a Combat Suit.

I figured that this would be an animal based hero, and that animal would be…


I made him about the same size as me (5’6″, 160 lbs) and spoke with a raspy Christian Bale voice as we played.

We decided that the super team would use this character’s HQ as their base, the Koala Den, located around Yerba Buena Gardens in the South of Market area of San Francisco.

We haven’t come up with a super group name yet.  And I may do a little fudging and grant everyone some equipment, like Koala-rangs for my character.

Fun times ahead.


I keep buying these Bundle of Holding deals on role-playing game systems, even though I have no one to to play with them.

My current gaming group is gearing up for Mutants and Masterminds.

This morning I got two bundles, one for Space: 1889 and one for Classic Battletech RPG.