Daytona 500: I watched.  I wasn’t too impressed with the new 3-stage format.  I’m  somewhat suspicious that the winning car is sponsored by the new series sponsor, Monster Energy.  It was Chase Elliott’s race until he seemed to run out of fuel.

Up next is the Oscars.

Chase 2016

Even with my favorite driver retired, I still have a tiny bit of interest in NASCAR.  Especially since my ‘retired’ driver drove in a few races this year.

With Tony Stewart retiring, and the possibility of Dale Jr. stepping away (though he may be cleared in December), I really am out of drivers who I root for.

My pick for the championship?

Jimmie Johnson.

As much as I actually rooted against him over the years, I figure if anyone should match Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty’s record, why not a Hendrick Motorsports driver?

And I would love to see Chase Elliott get the #24 in victory lane.