7 Months Later

And still no podcast.

I’m just as unfocused as I’ve been over the past few years, with a new shiny attracting my attention more often than usual.


What kills me is that there’s so much that I could be talking about but generally keep to myself, or post on social media Facebook.

Maybe if I come up with an actual format…


I received so many items for so many different games yesterday, and stupidly tried to go through all of them last night.

Big mistake.

I couldn’t focus on one thing or another, in addition to attempting to play the second mission of the Phantom Leader campaign that I started.  It was a total failure, all planes shot down, but only because I forgot to employ a couple of rules, like pilot EVADE.  Whoops.

I guess I’ll rerun the mission sometime soon.

I sorted the cards and punched the counters for Warfighter.  I skimmed the rules.

I attempted to figure out how to run a fight in the Batman Miniatures Game.  I also found a box to store all the miscellaneous markers and templates for the game.

I opened up the Starfire Gorm-Khanate War expansion.  I almost punched the counters.

I assembled and primed the miniatures that I got from Crossover Miniatures, including the one I’m using for The Koala in Mutants and Masterminds.

Meanwhile, I was watching the Warriors/Thunder game, Supergirl and 24: Legacy.  Good to see Oded Fehr back on TV.

There’s simply not enough time in a day to do everything that I’d like to do.

As a side note, this morning I ordered a few counter trays for all the wargames that I’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks.  Odd that you’d have to pay extra for counter trays, they used to come with the games, back in the day.

And Knight Models got back to me regarding the Superman miniature defect, they’ll be sending me a replacement part in a couple of weeks, so I’ll just put off assembly until then.  Yay!

All this with baseball approaching.

See why I can’t podcast?


I’m still going back and forth on this.

I have a very general idea what to talk about.

I have a co-contributor/partner for this thing.

I myself don’t have time to listen to podcasts as much as I used to.

I guess my biggest concern right now is where the heck to I store/post them once I’m done.  iTunes?  My own web site?  Beg for space elsewhere?  Ask nicely?  Suggestions are welcome.

Maybe I just need to read up more on how to do this effectively.

Or I could just continue to post random 3-5 minute video blogs of myself to YouTube.