Midweek Mutterings

I feel… 80% better after this Election Day than I did a year ago.

Why are vanilla-flavored Tootsie Rolls a ‘limited edition’?

My dream Marvel film would be a team up with Korg, Groot, and Luis.

While I enjoy watching basketball now, I really wish my Broncos or the 49ers were doing better in football.

Or maybe baseball should just start already.

November 17th is gonna be a busy day.


Things from Star Wars that I specifically collect:

Millennium Falcon
Han Solo
ESB Bounty Hunters (primarily Boba Fett)
Captain Rex
Jyn Erso

Added to the  list:



I’m trying to not stress out over next week’s medical procedure (colonoscopy) and the deadline for a job posting.

I’m so distracted (and tired), that I left some change at the self check-out machine at Target.  Whoops.

On the bright side, I got another porg, this one squeaks (or squawks) when you squeeze it.

He looks so excited!

I buckled him in on the ride home from Target